Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Mountain Dew Game Fuel

Mountain Dew Game Fuel Alliance Banner
I decided to shamelessly plug the Mountain Dew Sweepstakes. I'm not even sure I'm really interested in any of the prizes. I guess if I won the Headset, I'd pass it along to one of my guildies. (Poor college students, recently married, and I'm sick of hearing the echo when one of them talks. For the record, she's sick of it too.) Then again... I probably wouldn't say No to a free notebook computer either. But so far, the odds would probably be about 1 in 11,250 chance. And that's on the optimistic side. I'm guessing that a lot more people will sign up and try for that drawing. So, by advertising, I'm actually lowering my chances to win. lol.

The really funny thing is that there's almost 3 times the amount of people that want the notebook computer vs. a trip to Blizzcon. The trip is valued at about $3000 whereas the notebook is only $2000. Once again proving that we're all lazy and we don't really want to leave our homes. lol.

At any rate, go sign up, click on my banner and I get credits... and worst case scenario, I think we'll all get a little pet. (Just what I always wanted... another in-game pet. /rolls eyes)


Drazmor said...

Damn, an awesome pet to add to my collection... and I can't get it!

Damn you U.S Resident only crap!!!!

Leiandra said...

Ooohh.... sorry bout that. Don't hate us because we live in the U.S. :)