Friday, May 1, 2009

Reputation Leveling: aka Argent Tournament Dailies

Another great side bonus of doing the Argent Tournament dailies is the crazy amount of reputation and gold you get from doing those quests. Assuming that you haven't gotten the Champion Title with all of the factions yet (which I don't think is possible just yet since it takes 5 days for each one) here's what you get:
  • Each of the 4 daily quests for the home city that you're currently working on give 13g at level 80 and 250 reputation for that city, and 25% of that towards the other home cities.
  • Each of the 4 daily Champion quests give you 250 Argent Crusade reputation, and either a Champion's Purse or Champion's Writ.
So, if you do these 8 dailies (2 sets of 2 can actually be done at the same time, so really it's more like 6), you get 1000 reputation for the city you're working for plus 250 reputation for all other cities, 1000 reputation for the Argent Crusade, 52g, 5 Champion Seals, and then either 40 more gold from the Purses (4 x 10g each) or another 1000 reputation plus 250 for other cities once you become champion if you get the Writs.

Let me sum it up another way:

Either up to 5000 total reputation and 52g - or up to 3000 total reputation and 92g.

At least those are the totals while you're working all for home city reps to Champion. Not sure what happens when you're Champion with everybody. Still, on the path there, you can get up to 100,000 reputation! (Don't check my math on that last one, I already know it's a bit off since you're not completing Champion Quests on your first path to Champion.) Oh, and that's about 1,000g as well. Granted, we're talking about 20 days of dailies, but since I still find them fun, I don't mind that as much.


Drazmor said...

I'm dying to be able to start doing the Argent Tournament stuff! Especially with the new patch bringing in 8 more mounts for it!

Only 5 more lvls to go til lvl 77, and then i can go.

kyrilean said...

If you take the gold purse as your reward from the Champion Quests it also counts towards your Got My Mind On My Money achievement. 10g towards that is much better than the 10s you usually get from mobs.