Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Uber Death Knight (in Defensive Gear)

Primogeniture has basically undergone a bit of a change lately. To make a long story short, we've had some issues with numbers, so we're basically down to 10-mans for awhile. Last night, however, a few of us got together to run something to help (hopefully) gear up some of our healers a bit better.

Unfortunately, with the holiday, we didn't quite have the "required" 10-people. So, what do we do? Turn to the /lfm tool!

We were at 8 people, so we needed 2 more. We had the flexibility to just get 2 more DPS (some of our DPS were dual spec'ed as healers). Turns out we got 2 Death Knights.

So, we head over to Naxx to run through as much as that as possible. One of the DK's, we'll call him EbayKnight, discovers that he's magically in a different instance then we are. He's running around looking for Mr. Bigglesworth, but the rest of the group sees him alive right in front of us. EbayKnight remembers that he's already saved this week and leaves group. "Hey," we thought, "Why don't we just take his instance since it's Tuesday and it's obviously not going to get used." I ask which bosses are left, and he said that they cleared 3 quarters. Sweet! We'd actually get to finish off the last bosses in a small amount of time. So, we invite him back and he's thrilled.

Head in to Naxx. Yes, yes.. I want to be saved. But then we realize that all of the quarters are cleared since the lights are lit up. A quick jaunt up to Kel, and he's dead too... and all of us got saved to a cleared Naxx run. UGH!

Well, not really this guy's fault, right? I mean, how was EbayKnight to know that the other 9 people cleared it (and obviously without him)? So, let's go kill Emalon.

Wipe after wipe, we were just struggling. We realize off the bat EbayKnight is trouble since he never runs out for the Lightning. He also doesn't switch targets. And finally he helps to string the Chain Lightning as much as possible. Furthermore, the guy consistently does about 980 DPS!!! 9-manning Emalon, we could do, but that's without all this extra raid damage that he's causing. He wasn't on Vent (another point against him), so we told our healers to stop healing him. But it just doesn't happen. Finally somebody has the bright idea to look at this guy's gear. FULL TANK gear! Yep, every piece has defensive. So, we start asking him about it.

"So, EbayKnight, you got any DPS gear?"

"I'm wearing it."

"No, you're wearing tank gear. DPS gear doesn't have defense rating like tank gear does."

"Yeah, well my friend says I do fine in DPS."

"Okay... this ain't working." I think we left him with, "It's not you, it's us." lol. Got a rogue in there, and 1-shotted it.

So, yes... the title is mocking him. And Death Knights may be the new Huntard class.


DadGuy said...

I resemble that remark.

Leiandra said...

This so wasn't you.

Guest said...

That is a big insult to Death knights i do around 5.5-6k dps not all Death knights are tards. alot of Death Knights are sick dps there is a few that should reroll or quit wow but still.

Leiandra said...

I certainly wasn't saying that all DK's produce low dps.  Even when the huntard title rang true, it wasn't because all hunters were lame; it was because that was the flavor of the month, and some people had no idea how to play the class.  DK's are the same because they are "so powerful" in every post you read, so why wouldn't you want to play one?  But yet the timing and spell rotation is more of an art, and those that master it can easily get 6k dps such as yourself.  BUT... I'm sure you don't do it in defensive gear.