Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Noblegarden Tirade

First off: I am not really a fan of the Blizzard Seasonal Holiday quests. I think that it's neat that they've put holidays in the game, that they go to great lengths to make them attractive to people; that part is cool. There's just something about being "forced" to complete all of these things in a specific amount of time that frustrates me personally.

Keep in mind that I'm not suggesting that Blizzard should change anything about them; they're simply not something that I'm normally interested in. I am NOT suggesting that they should keep the holidays and quests around year-round. That would just be stupid. So, I normally just steer clear and everything is fine.

This week, however, is Noblegarden. It's full of fun, brightly-colored eggs, fluffy bunnies, and chocolate. What's not to love, right? And this year, they even gave some love to mages by providing a new polymorph: rabbit.

So, since I had some down time due to coming down with a flu/head cold (no, not swine flu), I decided to try to go collect some eggs. "Sure," I thought, "just go collect a few eggs." Then once I felt sucked in, I figured out just how many I'd need to collect.

I guess I got lucky with opening some of the eggs since I got the pet and all of the clothes (except the Spring Robes). But I still had to collect 255 eggs. And that's including the 100 chocolates for the polymorph. Still... I didn't find it fun. In fact, I kept thinking of something along the lines of this:
And this song kept going through my head as well.

I started seeing red as these innocent-looking, but evil-to-the-core bunnies hopped around greedily gathering up all the eggs they could. While sitting still they'd poop out these small eggs, that should be lootable, right? I mean... they are eggs. But no, that would have made things too simple. You'd be able to hide in a corner and collect your own eggs, but alas, that didn't work.

The hate started to consume me. And I found that I wanted to finish this achievement simply so that I wouldn't have to see any more bunnies. So that there would be no temptation whatsoever to think, "Oh, I could just go grab a couple to get a little closer." No, the hate drove me to finish.

And I was further enraged by these little bunnies hopping around that had names like Legolas the Noble. YOU ALREADY HAVE YOUR TITLE! LEAVE THE EGGS ALONE FOR THE REST OF US!!!

I even snapped a little when I got turned into a rabbit last night during trash pulls. I fully expected that this owuld happen at the beginning of the raid (and it did), but thought it wouldn't continue once we started figthing. When I asked the raid to stop (not calling out anyone in particular), my wife called me a "fun sucker".

Okay... maybe I was just a little groucy from being sick. But still. I am SO glad I'm done with that, and I really don't want to do it ever again. I'd much rather wipe on one boss for a month of raiding. That's how bad it was for me. So, thank you, Blizzard. Thank you for helping me completely waste even more of my life on these achievements. *sigh*


gnomeaggedon said...

I may or may not have participated to some extent or another... but really.. I have to fight tooth and nail to get time to raid... these special events, while fun, destroy my playtime quota.

I got rabbited just before an attempt on KT, late Sunday night. I honestly had no idea what happened, and my UI isn't conclusive to tracking down carrots to click... funny yes, bothersome, yes.

gnomeaggedon said...

One more thought... I would prefer it if you got an event time "allotment", so if you only log on once a week for 6 hours (err like me), then you can celebrate xmas with chocolate

Anonymous said...

Yes, noblegarden brought out my anger, and accompanying meaness as well. I didn't like how the eggs were camped most of the time. I think what blizz might have done better was to have the eggs spawn all over not just in those TINY SMALL AMOUNTS OF PLACES.