Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Argent Tournament: Champion

Last night I stayed up way too late to finish up my last few quests to become Champion of SW after the raid. (I didn't have time before the raid.) I was expecting that the defeat the Black Knight quest would open up and then just the other faction quests. I didn't realize that I'd be faced with a bunch of other dailies for the Champion Badges. Sure, that makes sense, I just didn't think about that one.

I'm getting to the point where I'm almost starting to get burned out on these quests. It's taken a bit longer than the rest of the dailies I've suffered through, but I also haven't gotten burned out yet. The small motivator now is to complete quests and become champion for the other factions so that I can get Champion's Writs and then get exalted with my home factions. I guess just something inside me figures that I've done enough stuff for cities like IF and SW especially, that I really should be exalted with them. But no, I'm still only revered. I'm only about 2k away from SW rep, but I might as well focus on another one and get the SW rep with the 25% extra they give to all other factions.

So, will I be champion of all factions? I'm thinking I probably will... but not at the consistent rate I did it with SW. But I now have an Argent Squire. Of course... for somebody that's not really a fan of "pets", I'm not really excited about this one either. But at least it's not some smelly skunk pet.

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