Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Breaking News: 3.1 Launched Today

Okay, so it was yesterday. But if you consider how the servers crashed (at least the instance ones... multiple times on Bronzebeard), then really, it's like it actually landed today. :)

But I do have impressions of the Tournament and quests. I finished all the dailies, and got a good portion (not sure how many quests are in the chain) of the way through the Black Knight chain. It's fun so far. It's neat to joust. While I haven't done it yet, I like the idea of it being a PvP part of the game. It would be the only truly equal way to display skill in Wow. The real Battlegrounds or other PvP is so based on lvl, gear, and classes, that skill is almost an afterthought. As far as I know, once you get on a horse, you have the same stamina as everyone else. To me, that has appeal.

And the dailies themselves... well... they're daily quests. They're neat and fun. And I love that they put the items you need to use right out there with the quests you're tracking. But... well... they're dailies. After doing them 15 times, I'm sure I'll be sick of those too.

So, here's hoping our servers will stay stable tonight, and we'll actually get to see and down some new content.

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