Tuesday, April 7, 2009

How Does Your Guild Roll?

First off.. don't forget about Guild Leadership Appreciation Day starting on Thursday, April 9th and going until April 11th. That said.. on with the post.

This thought actually comes from a conversation we were having on our guild forums. And here's essentially the quetion: How many people does your guild have? And more specifically, how many active people?

I think long gone are the days of guilds having hundreds of people. It's just not necessary or prudent. If you have even 50 active raiders, you're probably having a lot that are inactive or a load of people sitting on the sidelines. Given that you need 25 people to fill a heroic raid, you may need about 10 due to RL stuff or people just not being on. (Who knows... maybe that's just our guild.)

I always thought that the perfect group would be 25 people with like schedules. But life happens. People get sick. Others need days off. Sometimes accounts even get hacked. <.<

I don't think there's any right answer here. I'm sure some guilds have some very dedicated people so they only need 25. There may be a guild that can't put together a 10-man group with 100 accounts in the guild. They're all different. Just seeing what other people thought about it.


Elinor said...

42 of course

Wartsbro said...

Great idea for a post. I am looking forward to the comments that get posted.

I would characterize our guild as "a casual guild slowly moving toward soft core".

Our guild has 28 active accounts:
• 18 accounts w/ lvl 80 players
• 10 accounts w/ mains not at lvl 80

Almost every account has alts and we have over 100 in game characters that see playing time.

A number of accounts (seven) have one or more alts at the level cap for a total of 27 characters at level 80. Of the 27 we have five healers and six tanks. This mix of alts, tanks and healers gives us the flexibility to run ten man content whenever we have as few as ten individuals with level 80 characters log in.

We do not have a schedule. Anytime we get enough players on the run, we run. Some weeks we manage to step into ten man content four or five times and other weeks it might not happen at all.

As more individuals approach the level cap we hope to be running content much more often and possibly on a schedule.

At the moment, we make almost no distinction between alts and mains for loot distribution. On occasion our raid leader or guild leader will ensure a drop goes to a specific character. Some of the alts at the level cap are more geared than some of the mains of other players.

I expect your readership is more geared towards the hardcore end of the raiding spectrum and that our guild procedures will be out of the norm. Still, it will be good to see how different guilds work.

Anonymous said...

We have about 50 level 80s, excluding alts. Having said that we are a casual guild and still have trouble filling a 25 man raid.

Stupid Mage said...

There are 65 characters in the guild but most of them are alts. I think we have 8 actual players.