Tuesday, February 19, 2008

Rubik's Cube Masters

As I've said before, Primogeniture has been working on Mag's now for the past few weeks. I know it wasn't an issue of gear, but more of just raid coordination. So, an interesting thing happened last night.

I signed on about 30 minutes before we were to start to get some flasks made and assess who was online and signed up. I got a number of whispers basically saying that they didn't want to go to Mag's because there was really no need, especially since we all want a huge bucket of badges when the 2.4 badge gear comes out. (Click here if you don't know what I'm talking about.) I knew there was better loot other places, but for a lot of reasons (mostly centered around building a better guild), I wanted us to take down Magtheridon. But, I caved. I gave in to peer pressure, and I got everyone on Vent to announce that we would be running Kara for all the easy badges in there. (Due to time constraints, only 1 group cleared it this week.)

About 3/4 through my speech, another raid leader signed on (was having family aggro issues) and heard what I was proposing. She immediately starting asking why we were doing that and proposing that we should be in Mag's. She was followed up by a bunch of our guild members that have been in further progressed guilds, supporting her in the need to learn encounters and how to work as a team. An overwhelming number of people supported the Mag proposal, so that's what we did.

So, obviously got a way late start, but we made the best of it. Cleared the trash with no problems. Assigned clickers, and got to work. The first attempt, one of our clickers got DC'ed, and the replacement I called out was too far away with too little time to get into position. But we got him down to 79%. (Our record was 72%.)

The next time, we did the same strategy, but with hopefully no DC's that time. And Murphy's Law in effect, we had another clicker DC. This time, however, he was in the second group, and so we had about 2 minutes for him to get back online (as apposed to the 15 seconds for a replacement we had the first attempt). He got back, we clicked, and everything worked out through that. The 25-man group performed like a well-oiled machine. Got to phase 3, and we survived easily through that initial damage. Kept the cubes clicking, and downed Magtheridon.

It was such a great morale boost to know that everyone wanted to try Mag again, and then even further to take him down with only 2 shots. We got some good upgrades for people, but I was more satisfied with the simple fact that we worked as a team and conquered a fairly difficult task. Great job, Primogeniture. And thanks, Faytlynn for speaking up and telling us where to go. (In a good way. lol) See what happens when you give in to peer pressure? lol


joyous said...

Congrats! I was listening to the last 30 minutes or so and actually understood what you're talking about. The cheers at the end were so fun. Jim was thrilled and jumping up and down too. I told him he had the easy job this time around with the tanking. ;)

Leiandra said...

Yeah... I think it was one of the most exciting kills I've had since Lord Valthalakk (sp?) when we were all appropriately geared for that fight.

p.s.My wife actually watched for a bit as well.. but she only saw the trash kills.

Logan said...

Grats! You guys definitely made the right choice in finishing the job you started with Magtheridon. As an added bonus, when they nerf him in 2.4 you get to be one of the guilds that gets to reminisce about "the old days when Magtheridon was actually a tough fight."

Leiandra said...

Ah the good ole days. :) Wait... haven't they nerfed Mag like 3 times already? Or maybe that was just the rumor that was floating around. Nevertheless... we still get to reminisce about those days. :)

DadGuy said...

Congrats on magtheridon! Too bad I was on vacation or maybe I woulda been there. ;)

Leiandra said...

Starting Void Reaver on Monday. You gonna be back? I'll be sure to check my e-mail for the confirmation that you'll be ready to go. ;)