Friday, February 29, 2008

Habits Interacting with NPC's

I started noticing several patterns that I consistently do while playing World of Warcraft. For example, whenever I go from Shattrath to another city to go to the Auction House, I always go to Iron Forge. Furthermore, I always visit the same auctioneer, the one on the left as you walk in. My bank alt (that's in charge of selling everything on the Auction House) has taken up permanent residence in Stormwind, where she always speaks with the auctioneer on the far right.

(The Stormwind stay started from when I would farm copper in Elwynn Forest. A level 26 bank alt pally has a lot of fun concencrating as she runs through the various mining spots in Elwynn Forest.)

I've only visited the Darnasus AH on the rarest occasions, but it's always the first auctioneer on the left. And if I visit the other Auction Houses, it's the person in the center as you walk down the ramp (Exodar and Gagdetzan).

As for banks, I faithfully visit the Aldor bank and guild vault on the left side only (as you walk in). If I visit SW, it's the banker on the left. And IF is the banker in the center, guild vault on the left.

My other alts have various spots to repair and sell gray items, but Leiandra almost always repairs her armor and restocks her reagents in Lower City near all the trade skill guys. (Keep in mind that she's a mage, so she never has her hearthstone set in Shatt.) If she only has to sell gray items, she'll do so in the Aldor bank area, the guy in the middle.

The whole point of all these details (and sorry if I bored anyone), is that I rarely deviate from these places. I'm just a creature of habit. Then again, aren't we all?

What are your obsessive habits in regards to NPC's?


Elinor said...

I was thinking about this same thing a couple of days ago. When using the bank in IF, I always go to the banker on the right as you enter.

The reason I was thinking about it was that a couple of days ago, the banker on the right was bugged, and instead of being in her window ready to help customers, she was against the far left wall walking into it like a zombie.

It took me a min or two to even realize that there were other bankers I could use.

Also always the auctioneer on the right as you enter in IF. :-)

Pesce said...

Just a little quirk of mine, but I like to go to the AH in Darnassus. I never use the lower level Auctioneers. Instead, I go to the 2nd floor dudes. Nobody is ever up there and I wonder how many people even know they are there. Somehow this stops the beggars that hang around AH's asking for a handout.

Leiandra said...

lol... I didn't even realize there was a second floor. lol. But even just using the AH in Darnasus... isn't it empty enough? There's really other people there, let alone beggars? /boggle

Bompah said...

I have to admit that I only ever use the Banker immediately to my left when I enter the scryers bank, somehow it just feels like the one on the right is doing business with those filthy Allicane and I can't support that, a Blood Elf dealing with lesser races, PREPOSTEROUS!