Monday, February 4, 2008

And There Was Much Rejoicing

Well, I've whined and complained on the blog about how my corporate firewall has blocked Blogger and a few of other really useful sites. (Yes, that included mine.) Well, this morning, I accidentally clicked a link on the WowInsider feed that I have (and can access the feed from here), and I actually got Wow Insider.

I checked my site; it worked as well. I checked Other Wow sites, and they were up and running as well. Yeah! Still no Youtube, but to me, blocking that site at work makes a lot of sense. (Bandwidth issue much?)

So, I know I missed Friday, and this is a crappy post for most people today, but now that I have 8 hours to kill, I think I'll update the blog with a few tools I was looking at. Oh, and I guess I have to do my normal work as well. :)


jimbo said...

I thought you were making a fancy dessert! I was like, save some for me, I'm coming Friday!

Leiandra said...

We got a new oven so I can make cinnamon rolls again. Hmm... maybe this weekend. /shrug

DadGuy said...


And you wonder why they blocked these sites. Heh.

Leiandra said...

Nah... I always knew. I thought it was bogus, but I knew.