Tuesday, November 27, 2007

TBC Quests

Today I was thinking about some of the quests that have come out with the expansion and subsequent patches.  From what I’ve read, the programmers and quest writers have really been able to do a lot of different things since when WoW first came out.  No need to stick to the standard kill x mobs or gather y teeth from certain mobs.

I’ve found a number of quests in the expansion that are really quite fun.  I mentioned the racing quests for Netherwing yesterday, and I’ve found those quite fun and challenging.  Within the first few quests or so through the Dark Portal, you get to bomb areas on taxi-type flying mounts, and then eventually get to do the same out in Blade’s Edge on your own flying mount.  There’s the trampoline in Nagrand to get up in the tree and break the egg.

There’s also a distinction in group quests.  Before, it seemed that all group quests needed to have a full group.  Now there is even a line or two that says how big of a group you should probably bring.

I don’t have a toon at the appropriate level, but I imagine that they incorporated a bunch of these types of quests in the new quest hubs in Dustwallow Marsh as well.  I was surprised when I ran through Theramore and saw a Lurker Below-type mob in the middle of the harbor getting shot by NPC’s.  I’ll have to put a toon through there one day.

So, what are some of your favorite quests that have come out with or post expansion?


Nibuca said...

In the Draenei starting area:
Fishing with a net - if all fishing was like this I might actually level the skill.
The totem quests... following an NPC around.. and eventually getting changed into a ghost kitty was awesome!

The Terrorkar quest where you have to beat the drum to summon the sand worm had me in stitches.

The BE starting area quest where you have find the lost book and then turn the bad apprentices into pigs.


Galoheart said...

Hmm, dunno hard to say. I try to solo everything unless it says 5 people required. So i don't really have a favorite. Some i know i have particularly liked more than others but its hard for me to say since i try to solo everything even if i know i will die on a 5 man required quest i will attempt if on my own to test my own limits to complete it.