Thursday, November 15, 2007

In Your Internet, Stealing Your Purplez

I wanted to talk a little bit about my blog today.  From the start, I've generally wrote the blog just for myself and anyone interested in reading.  I use StatCounter and Google Analytics to get a sense of why people are coming here and, more importantly to me, how many people visit (mostly for bragging rights, that's about it).  I tend to write about what I want to even if it’s not necessarily what will get the most hits or comments.

At last count, I’ve had something like 9 guilds, not including my own, that have linked to one article or another.  Some of them continue to read my articles, some don’t.  I also have a lot of blogging friends that I have discovered through our common interest.  (/wave)  It’s become a really neat community.

On another milestone, my stats have been through the roof lately.  For a couple of weeks, I averaged about 100 page loads per day with around 90 visitors.  Something happened on Tuesday however, and I broke 200 page loads with almost 150 visitors.  Then yesterday, I had 276 page loads and over 200 visitors!  Of course, I guess I’m not very good because I still stay at around 25-30 returning visitors.  Lol.  But… I also don’t track the hits through RSS feeds (or for Blogger, I guess it’s Atom), so I guess my returning visitors could be hidden in there.

So, two things came to mind: First, why this huge spike?  And second, for all the visitors I get, where are all the comments?  I’m guessing that the spike is due to patch 2.3 coming out.  Everyone seems to be searching for various answers on everything from Guild Vaults to Zul’Aman Loot.  I’m guessing there’s also people that are looking for alternate sites to download their mods, since the mod sites generally seem to run slower at evenings.  (Is this the case in 2.3?  I haven’t visited any of them in the prime-time evening hours.)

As for the comments… don’t be shy.  We won’t bite.  Well… Matticus might a little, but he’s a great guy and really just looking for truth.  

On a game related note, we got Halazzi down to about ½ his life.  He gets full life every 25% and then you kill him or this Spirit, and then they go back to where they were (e.g. 75% health after the first transition).  So, we got him to 75%, killed him, and then down to almost 50%.  That really sounds so confusing if you don’t know the fight.  I’ll give a quick break-down soon.


Halite said...

I'm willing to bet a lot of your readers are hidden in RSS feeds and don't comment. If I tried to comment on the 90+ blogs I have subscribed I'd never get any reading done.

Just assume you're doing it for yourself, it's easier that way!

Elinor said...

With the patch coming out, and therefore the servers being down, I tend to do a bit more looking around for something interesting to do while it is down. This may account for some of the traffic spike.

Kestrel said...

Well, I meant to include you in my blogroll the other day, but I forgot. So, it's not my fault! :D

elinor's thought makes a lot of sense, and halite's no doubt spot on with the RSS feeds (I see the same thing on the Aerie, and I'm using StatCounter, SiteMeter and Technorati.

Oh, btw...fixing that blogroll oversight. Right. Now.

Amava said...

I'm not sure if I can explain the whole upswing, but I did find your blog this week. And then I subscribed to it in Google Reader, and then read through all your archived posts. So that might explain a handfull of extra visits and pageviews. But, unless Google Reader does crazy things to your stats, I think that little ol' me is just a drop in the bucket of those improved stats.

Keep up the good work, I really enjoy reading your stuff.

Galoheart said...

On WoW maintenance day there are always blog spikes as people find something to kill the time and get caught up on the blogs they usually read.

I've dont track visitors on my blog or track stats either. I've never cared much for stats really. I just know a lot of people lurk and read in the shadows and that's fine. If the leave a comment I often back track and leave a message on their blog if they have one.

I guess though I may install sitemeter and be surprise to see who's reading and linking to my blog though. I'll be surprise for sure.

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