Tuesday, November 6, 2007

Bombing Fun with Opposite Faction - PVE Style

Last night, I ran over to Blade's Edge Mountains to do some of my dailies. I generally tend to do the dailies much later at night, but since there wasn’t much going on in the guild, I decided to do them when I first logged on around 8. The place was camped like Yosemite Valley in the summer. The bombing runs weren’t too bad, but banishing the demons was tough. It was so bad, that I had no fear in going afk to get a drink, even though I was standing almost right between two flak cannons; I knew somebody would get them if they spawned near me.

When I came back from the kitchen, I saw that health was down to about 50%, but there were no mobs in sight. I didn’t even have time to check the combat log before I figured out what had happened. A smart alec Tauren was mounting his flying mount right next to me and then just sitting there so the flak would shoot towards the both of us. He’s fly away just in the nick of time for him, but it would hit me pretty much dead on. I immediately checked to see if he was flagged PVP, which he wasn’t. So, I recognized the genius in it, and went on my way.

So, what do you do to annoy the opposite faction on a PVE server? I don’t generally go out of my way to mess them up all the time, but it’s fun on occasion. Also, I’ll generally only do it a couple of times; I hate when they’re pestering me. (Warlocks banishing the elementals I’ve already tapped…. I can’t sheep mobs that are tapped, why can they banish mine?)


Elinor said...

Don't you mean "So, what do you do to annoy the opposite faction on a PVE server?"

Anyway one thing I found a horde do to me, was when I was doing the relic emanations quest. He would wait until I was into the simon game quite a ways, then he would start clicking on one of the colors in the pattern. This would make it very hard for me to click on it and I'd have to start over. (very frustrating)

I finally figured out that i could just spam click the color i needed, there is a very small window to get my click in, but it took me awhile to figure it out.

Leiandra said...

Yes, I meant PVE. Thanks for the catch.