Tuesday, August 7, 2007

Netherspite Down Again

I've said this before and I'll say it again, most of the fights in WoW are really just learning the encounter and having everyone do their job. Yes, yes... gear has a big part too, but the experience and knowledge is even more important in my opinion. Netherspite is a perfect example of that.

Last night we only had Netherspite to kill before clearing Karazhan with the Gold Group. (We have two groups: Brown and Gold. I'm in the Gold.) Brown took down Netherspite on Friday night, but it was Gold's turn last night. I had done a lot of research, explained the fight and what we were going to do, but our first attempt wasn't too good. We got him down to about 70% or so, I think. Not bad for a bunch of people that hadn't seen the fight before. The next time, he immediately attacked and killed our paladin because he was sitting down (?) but since we only had 2 healers we didn't expect to win that one. Our next attempt was a miscommunication. We had told the other healer to go over and heal the tank while everyone else was running away from the dragon's netherbreathe. While we had previously all been huddled underneath the dragon, she thought that was where she was to stand. We only meant for her to stand in range to heal the tank. Communication ftl on that one.

I don't recall if there were other attempts in there, there may have been as we learned our roles. But we ended up having the rogue and warrior alternate to tank the green beam, the warrior and feral druid tanking the red beam, and the 3 mages and warlock tanking the blue beam. I'll tell you... it was fun standing in the blue beam for 30 seconds, then hitting my trinkets and combustion and seeing nukes for 7k. Fun times.

Our second to last attempt, we got him down to 9% before we wiped. Our final attempt though, was a clean sweep. Kind of funny how smooth the last time went. But we got the [Cowl of Defiance] and the [Earthblood Chestguard], the latter of which was sharded.

So, things should be pretty much on farm status for us. The Brown Group hasn't downed everything, but I'm sure that's just a matter of time and getting everyone together for a few nights. Like I said, I probably only really need my bracers to drop off of Maiden, but I'm really excited for everyone else to get some cool drops too.


Lichas said...

This week should be cake for netherspite now that you know it. In fact I think he has the potential to be the easiest and least gear dependent fight in the game next to Attumen and Maiden

DadGuy said...

I agree -- I could probably have tanked this guy in cat form with how the red beam works.

It's just a coordination fight really. I am surprised we haven't attempted him before now.

Leiandra said...

It's only because I don't really need anything from him. Kidding! I'm kidding! I'm not sure why we didn't try him before. Somehow we thought Nightbane was easier. (Yes, that was another joke.)