Thursday, January 22, 2009


Of my 3 max level toons (pre Wrath), my shaman was by far the most neglected. The mage has always been my main, so I did a lot of research there. My priest, who leveled Shadow through 65 and then did some raiding at 70 as holy, got some attention, but there really wasn't all that much to figure out since I was usually the 3rd healer in Karazhan when we were far past needing 3. (Heck, there were times when I was the second healer but the other healer was so well geared he could have solo healed.)

My Shaman, however was the toon that I didn't care all that much about. I leveled him Enhancement through 60, and then changed to Elemental for the last 10 levels just to try something new. (Didn't have any gear for Elemental, but figured that with all the quest rewards in Outlands, I could gear up quickly.) Then after doing a few runs as Elemental at 70, I respec'ed him resto to help out a healing shortage and stop wasting all the mail healing drops I was seeing.

Fast forward to today, and Primogeniture has an abundance of mages, but limited in healers. And we have one raiding Shaman, and he's Enhancement. So, I started toying with the idea of leveling my Shaman to help with our Shaman/Healing shortage.

A little interlude here: What a pain Totems, Relics, Sigils, and Idols are. They're for one space, for one class, and it's usually THE item to get for that slot. Kinda annoying. Yep, that's why all the druid tanks I knew pre-Wrath would have to go in to Stratholme for the Idol of Brutality.

At any rate... at some point in the past, there was a change in totems. Or maybe it was always there and I never noticed it. But there has always been these 4 bag slots that were wasted by Shaman for their Air, Water, Earth, and Fire Totems. But in looking at THE totem I needed once I hit 80 (which is probably Totem of Forest Growth, btw), I noticed something else about almost all of the totems. Look at that linked totem again. See at the bottom? "Counts as an Air, Earth, Fire, and Water totem." Since when did that happen? And on my currently equipped Totem of the Thunderhead, it's there too. In fact, it's on every totem except for Totem of Rebirth and Totem of Flowing Water which I have never owned, and I'm guessing that those are probably just a misprint or something.

So, there you have it, folks. My "breaking news" for all you totem fans out there. I think I'm gonna go bury my head in shame, 'cause it's probably been like that for years now.


Mike ... said...

Is that what that text means?! I'm almost ready to run out the door and try that out, except my boss would probably have something to say.

Of course you can't get rid of the four totems you have (I tried it once with my earth totem) so they have to be stored somewhere but still.

It's been that way since at least November.

Leiandra said...

Well.. umm... I'm guessing that's what it means. Wow... I really should have tested that out first, huh? And you can't get rid of the totems? Why not? But yeah, even if you have to have them in the bank, better than having them in your personal bags.

Jimbo said...

We need a shammy healer!!! I was tempted to start my own, but that would just be trading a healer for a healer. So go level!!! I can team up with you on my druid if I can make it past outlands :)

Jimbo said...

Don't forget to get your heirloom shoulders, +10% xp rocks. Oh, and it's doubled with rest xp, at least that's what I'm seeing. You can buy the pvp version with all the WG shard thingies you got from heroics (200) or use badges to get the pve version.

Mike ... said...

I tested last night and that's exactly what the text means. With the relic-totem equiped and without any totems in my bags I can still drop totems.

The reason you can never actually get rid of the four you start with is because if you try to destroy them (by dragging them to the world) the game spits out an error message : "You cannot destroy that item" or words to that effect. They're soulbound, so you can't trade them and the vendor doesn't want them.

Leiandra said...

Well, I have about 62 of the 200 Stone Keepers Shards needed, so I don't think I'll be buying the pvp version. And the 40 Emblems of Heroism... Well, I should be a heck of a lot closer to that. lol

Thanks for testing that, Mike. I took them out of my bags (didn't try to destroy them though) and it worked. But since this is also one of the toons that has the least amount of bank bags, I just bought one more space and threw them in there. :)