Friday, January 16, 2009

Figure Prints - Lottery Gone

Just after Blizzcon last year, I decided that it would be really neat to have a Figure Print of Leiandra, my mage that I've used since I first started playing Wow back in June of 2005. I signed up for the lottery, and just last month, I won. But with it being Christmas and all, I couldn't justify spending the $125 when there's so many other things that I want/need to buy. Plus, December was kind of an odd time in "Leiandra's Life" (the toon, not me), since she was going through gear changes as she was approaching 80. And I didn't really want to have to make guildies go back to old instances just so I could complete a set to look cool.

Besides, I figured I could always enter the lottery again, and win the spot a second time in the future.

Well, Blizzard's Official World of Warcraft site has just announced that Figure Prints' production has finally caught up with demand (or maybe it's yet another sign of our weak economy), and you can now order a Figure Print without the lottery system. It'll still take at least a month for you to get your character, but that's better than waiting to win their lottery, and then waiting the month. So, when I finally decide that I can part with the$130 or so to have an out of game version of Leiandra, I no longer have to wait for it.

Now... if I can just get her posed on the Griffon like I saw at Blizzcon.


Anonymous said...

It is just barely under $150 with Shipping and Handling. Watch out with the shoulder's as many of the positions the toons have puts the shoulder pads in front of the face. Might be more of an issue with the plate wearing toons but still something to look out for.

Anonymous said...

I e-mailed them asking about the shoulders and face issues (since I also won December, and I play a War.), and they replied that they maneuver the character around a bit to remedy this.

I haven't gotten a chance to see the final result yet (package should arrive today!), but I'm pretty confident that her face won't be melded into the armor.