Thursday, January 8, 2009

Attack of the Melee

I think I'm going to unofficially rename the latest expansion. Henceforth (or at least until the end of this post), it shall now be known as Attack of the Melee. Let's look at the facts (or at least the QQ's from the forums).

Ret Paladins became gods with the 3.0 patch. Forget about the Hybrid vs. Pure class argument. Paladins just starting kicking everyone's butts. Oh, and did I mention that they're wearing plate as well? Yes, they got normalized, but they're still quite strong.

Death Knights obviously have a draw since they're the new class on the block. Some of the numbers that I've seen them put up in DPS mode is just amazing. And did anyone notice that they're wearing plate?

DPS Warriors have been strong for awhile, in my opinion. They've just continued to keep that strong spot. Again... they're wearing plate.

Enhancement Shammies... I'd really like to be able to comment on these guys. But since we don't have a single raiding Shammy anymore, I really couldn't tell you at all. I can tell you that my level 70 Enhancement Shammy killed a level 70 mob... all by himself. Yep, no lie.

Melee Hunters are SO overpowered that it's not even funny. Nerf Melee Hunters. Nerf them to the ground!!! (See? I told you it was QQ's from the forums. lol.)

Rogues have maintained their high, consistent DPS. Good for them.

Then on the other side of the fence... besides hunters that are getting the Nerf in 3.0.8, has there been anything exceptional or strong about any of the ranged classes/specs? Hmm.. maybe I should go pick up my dagger and start meleeing as well. So... welcome to Attack of the Melee, enjoy your ride.


DadGuy said...

As an 80 DK I can confirm that my DK is much funner/easier to play than my 73 lock. Thus me parking my lock in favor of the DK.

Gwaendar said...

Just follow the lead of the future you, I'm absolutely certain it melees with a spellpower dagger.

Captain The First said...

Mages aren't doing too horribly but yes... plate is definitely the sign of power these days.

I haven't even as much as seen a shaman in the last weeks... I wonder what happened to them all.

Leiandra said...

Yeah, but your druid called, DadGuy. He feels abandoned, and wants you to come back. :)

See, Gwaendar? It IS the future!!!

This wasn't actually a QQ about mages (for once). I'm simply noticing that any possible "flavor of the month" certainly isn't a spell casting class. So, go level those Death Knights or something.

Anonymous said...

Rogues only have high consistant DPS if you're exploting the HaT bug. If you spec anything else your down below the hunters, death knights, mages and paladins, fighting for your life among the moonkins and dps warriors.

Everything is AoE trash. Rogues are one of the non plate melees, a liability at this time. No crowd buff.

We're "good" at pvp tho.

Anonymous said...

Don't know what kind of Moomkins you're running with, but in our guild, if you're running with the boomkins, you're at the top of the charts. Not a bad place to be.

In most of our H Naxx runs, (we have it on farm now) damage and dps meters have the boomkins no lower than 3rd consistantly, and usually 1st in dps.

So, add another class with plate like armor to your list.

Anonymous said...

I think too, our melee all hit 80 before any of our casters did. So all of our melee members are out DPSing the casters because of gear. Now, locks and mages have to worry about hit more then before... so I know this is creating some changes for them as well.

Also as you pointed out... AoE is king in WotLK. And there are certain melee classes that shine when it comes to AoE damage (part of the reason Ret's are beasts now). However, Rogues that were the undeniable king of melee DPS in BC, are now the little brother of DPS, saying "hey guys, I want to come too!"

Ok, it's a bit of an stretch, but when you are a pure DPS, and have little or no raid utlity (we have one fight were we can use our posion to keep a mob from enraging, but a hunter does it better, and Tricks of the Trade is a nice tank boost or DPS boost once the tank is boosted, but again... see hunters) our DPS is poor. Before, on trash I could still be ok, and granted that was never a rogue's place to shine. Now... I'm usually below 10 in 25 man. And on boss fights, maybe the top 3. In 10 man, I see a dramtic drop in my DPS since we are sooooo dependant on buffs.

So, I think if you are going to rename this expac, it should be Long Live the AoE.