Friday, February 22, 2008

Reading Too Much

I never thought I'd ever say this, but I've come to the conclusion that I read too much. I've got my guild forums (which people's activity there seems to be picking up quite a bit), I have a number of blogs that I read, I have e-mails, I have patch notes, I have strategies on upcoming bosses, and not to mention that I really enjoy keeping up on current events.

The reason I say that I never thought I'd ever say that is because I've never considered myself a reader. I don't read many books (unless you count the many, many audio books I've "read" (which I actually do)). My best friend has always been a huge reader, but it's never rubbed off on me. But I realized today, that I do read a lot.

Then again, I realized that I'm also cutting back. I used to read all the blog postings for the blogs I follow; now I just kinda skim, and if something catches my eye, I check it out. A wonderful idea started in the form of Blog Azeroth (a community forum for wow bloggers), but I've found I haven't logged in there since the second or third day it was launched. (Yeah, I know... I'm probably gonna get flogged and shunned for saying that.)

I haven't "reported" much on the 2.4 patch since it seems like it's constantly changing anyway. I figured/hoped that enough of you that read my blog probably read other things as well. And I haven't made the time to spend much time on the PTR myself. (BTW... it sounds like the sped up travel time from Iron Forge to the Sunwell Plateau. Yeah)

So, there's my own little ramblings for the day. Go ahead and rate me a 1 star for the day. Hmm.. maybe I don't like my individual posts rated. lol.

What do you guys do to manage all the stuff you read? Or am I just a freak?


Notlok said...

I have a very easy way to manage my reading... it is called corporate firewall. :)

Leiandra said...

Yeah... that stopped me for about 5 minutes. Maybe I'm too resourceful. But Google Reader let me track all the blogs I watch... even the firewall blocked ones.

Galoheart said...

I read Allot. I read allot of blogs myself and its usually on my IPhone. He'll I just read your blog on my IPhone at work, that's my way around a corporate firewall and its mobile too. I don't read much blogs at home except on weekend when I may have relax time. When I'm at home and it about WoW I may read WoWinsider to keep up on changing news and such. Otherwise when in at home I don't read much....... I spend my time playing WoW.

When I read blogs my first read blogs are the ones on my own blog, those are my priorty read. Then the next place I read away from my own blog and answering comments is the Paladin Tanks forum over at Maintankadin. That for me is my class reading priorty on all things Tanking related as a Paladin. That even comes before reading at Blog Azeroth. I have to set my priorty. When I have time when all those things are done I my visit Blog Azeroth and see whats interesting.

I read allot but I set my reading priorty. Im already busy enough, so I can't do everything or be everywhere reading. But when I have time I do so. Usually for me reading about my class and tanking issues take precedence over reading many other things. I don't even blog everyday, but I blog as often as I can. Often I'm just too busy. That one reason I don't have blog email. I won't have the time to answer all those mail. But if someone leave a blog comment I'll take time to answer it if needed or make a blog post of it. I'm just too busy. I'm busy running Heroics because I need badges to improve my tanking gear. I read allot but I set my priorties and just read my usual blogs on my IPhone daily or at least every other day I can get around to all my usual blogs. He'll I'm even behind on Blog Azeroth shared topic from over a week ago.

Matticus said...

I've had to swing a huge axe on my reader. There's a lot of things I read in class and out of class. I'm busy writing or raiding or something or other. Reading's taken a huge hit as a result. I've essentially axed every blog that's not related to healing or raiding. It's sad, but it's true. Chances are I'm going to miss a few excellent posts. I'm not a rogue therefore learning how to stun lock some guy for a billion years isn't going to affect me. Everytime I come across a new blog or a new site even, I ask myself "Is this site going to benefit me in the long run? Will I learn something often? How does this apply to me?".

I know, it's very selfish of me, but there's only so many hours in a day. The ones that are spared are bloggers who've interacted with me in some way that I've grown rather fond of them (count yourself included ;)).