Wednesday, February 20, 2008

Raid Farming

After downing Magtheridon two nights in a row with only 2 attempts each, I'd pretty much say Mag is on farm status. Last night's first attempt had an earthquake hit at the same time we were supposed to click the cubes, so part of the Blast Nova got off and did some considerable damage, enough to call a wipe on that one. The second attempt was smooth sailing. The only small panic part was when I died about 5 seconds before the Blast Nova and I was supposed to click one of the cubes. It was the very last Blast Nova (he was at about 1% health), and I had used all my healing pots/bandages/healthstones. At any rate, Mag and Gruul in one night... we're very ready for the next level of bosses which we'll venture in to Loot Void Reaver on Monday night.

A really fun thing happened last night after we finished up in the Gruul/Mag run. We've publicized enough that we're going to need some crafted resist gear for Hydross the Unstable. Some people have really stepped up to farm and contribute mats. (I really love the feel of the comunal society when it works.) We've noticed that Primal Fires are going to be our big obstacle. So, somebody suggested that we go farm Elemental Plataeu. We started a small raid (proabably about 7 of us) to fish Pure Water and dominate up in Elemental Plataeu.

There were a couple people that were up there, but when they saw the small swarm that was Primogeniture, they left pretty quick. I had one of the Warlocks talk to me about it. She had seen our recruitment thread on the official Bronzebeard forums, and asked if guild farming was a required activity. I told her that we all volunteered to do it. And honestly, it was a lot of fun. Free-for-all loot... mass killing... and we even tried to gank some horde rogue that was flagged pvp. He vanished pretty quick. Go figure.

So, I guess everything's better with friends. :)


Anonymous said...

Ask around for guild alchemists who know Transmute Primal Mana -> Primal Fire, too; could speed up the grind a bit.

Leiandra said...

Yeah, I think that was brought up as well. But good point, nonetheless.

Logan said...

You can also split your efforts and farm fires up in Skald (northeastern BEM). The fire elementals there have a decent drop rate, they don't hit as hard as the ones on EP, and as an added bonus the basilisks lurking around the area are easily farmed for their chunks 'o basilisk. Raid food plus primals in one farming session? Yes sir!

I guess I'm just partial to Skald. I spend a lot of time there. :)

Leiandra said...

I used to farm a lot up in Skald as well (pre-70) for the fires. But the drop rate for the fire motes seems a lot less there. And it used to be really good for the motes of shadow from the imps there, but that got nerfed quite a bit as well. For fire now, I generally go to either EP or to Shadowmoon Valley. That's the two best places for my money.