Friday, February 15, 2008

Now for Something Different...

Last night, I ran Blood Furnace with my Shaman alt, and spit on Magtheridon. Our guild paly tank, Talek ran me, and both of our wives through the instance. We could all heal, so at times that's exactly what we did.

We briefly discussed how cool it would be if you could watch a guild attempting Mag from inside the last room in Blood Furnace. Then again, there's a lot of spectator parts of Wow (can you say Arenas?) that I think would be really cool to be implemented.

After that, Romand and I lost played the rest of our 10 2v2 games this week. I think we actually ended up this week at 4-6. Not bad... of course, we're moving towards crappier teams as well. lol. (I'm playing my mage and Romand is a hunter.)

Then I ran a heroic Blood Furnace, just for the heck of it. And then... I tried something different.

I have a level 64 priest who I vowed I'd get him to 70 one day. He's been shadow for 64 levels (wait... do the first 10 count?), and I've only healed on the most dire occasions. I get frustrated with solo lvling him because he's not Leiandra. He just doesn't have the damage output or Frost Nova/Blink escape tactics that a mage does. Last time I quested with him, I kept complaining in guild chat that I couldn't find my Fireball spell.

So, some guild member alts asked me to heal for them in Mana Tombs. I thought, why not? Spent the 1g for the respec, and I'm not a holy priest. Of course, I think I royally screwed up my talents (forgot to get the mana regen), and all my gear has been focused on being a shadow priest, so I'm not extremely effective. I found myself running out of mana a lot.

Furthermore, I thought I'd try out HealBot Continued, and I had some kinks in that. I got the whole alt-shift-ctrl right and left clicking. My mouse only has the two buttons and the scroll wheel, so not sure how you get the 4th and 5th buttons that are advertised on mouse-over. I couldn't figure out where Power Word: Shield was for those emergency moments, so people died a lot in our run. Anyone have something I can read to figure out how to use Healbot better for a priest? I like the ideas, I just have too many healing type spells for it. lol. Maybe I should be using it in conjunction with the actual interface. I really don't know.

Our group was a little obscure though. We had Yourmom (yeah, we all love that name and all the jokes that come along with it) as our lvl 70 lock ringer, then the rest of us (Shaman and Mage) were level 64. Aerowin, the mage, (yes you!) kept pulling (probably first mistake) when I didn't have enough mana. She asked what my mana regen was and I said, "SHADOW PRIEST GEAR." lol.

At any rate, since I've never really been a healer, I look forward to this challenge. Hopefully I can figure it out with some successful runs (we almost got to the 2nd boss, but called it, mostly because we were all tired). So, here's to another adventure.


Jimbo said...

Even if you're running lower level dungeons, you still need a tank. I guess the void walker could do alright. Mages, especially lower level mages, should never pull for the group. BF earned some more of my respec, since they can CC your healers and stun/silence/knock back the tank.

After seeing all the XP you were getting on your shammy, I think you made the right move in going holy as it will make it easier to find groups for dungeons.

I can't offer any real tips with HealBot, since I'm a pally healer. Defaults are:
Left-click = little heal
right-click = big heal
middle click = BoP (I changed to Cleanse)

I also have my healing spells as 1-6 on the hot bar (7-0 is just too hard to reach, so they are clicked). If my spells aren't on HealBot, I can just click the buttons after I target the person (F1-F5). I click on the person in raid gui if in a raid. I usually never have to with those three healbot spells.

I try to keep my tanks topped off. Always start a fight at 100% mana, and tank at 100% health. I usually don't take crits into account. (They usually go into overhealing)

Mana regen seems to be a big thing for priests. Their spells tend to heal for more, but take more mana. Just requires you to gear up more.

Good luck, and when the blame comes to you, just point right back at the tank.

Leiandra said...

I know that's mostly how Nandri lvled: all dungeons. Then once he hit 70, he went back and did all the non dungeon quests. He made bank that way.

Checked out a few healers in our guild, and yeah... I'm gonna need to respec. I thought about going down and getting the circle of healing just to see how bad is sucks, but I think I really like the idea of the Spirit buff. And I'm such a noob... I didn't realize that the Improved Spirit talent improved Spell Damage and Healing. Man! Where have I been?

Mosshoof said...

Some mice (like the Microsoft ergonomic one I have) have two extra buttons on them, on the left and right side of the mouse. Those are the #4 and #5 buttons.

joyous said...

All I can say is: Druid Healer!! Jim is working on getting my mana regen better for me. Otherwise, being a healer rocks.....except when Talek is tanking and takes no damage the whole time.

Leiandra said...

@mosshoof. I'm aware of the #4 and #5 mice buttons... was just wondering if I could simulate that with the 3-button trackball I have. (Love me the trackball for gaming.)

@joyous. I actually got Graybeard up to +600 healing and some pretty good mana regen as well. Not bad for a lvl 64 priest. We'll have to have heal-offs when we're both 70. lol.