Monday, February 11, 2008

Increased Travel Time with 2.4

I was able to get Leiandra over to the PTR before the PTR server was even up. Was even able to download the entire patch before the realms were up as well. Of course, when it went up, there was me and about a million other people all checking out the new area. So, I didn't stay long. I figured I'd deal with the crowds once the initial shock wore off or just when it's rolled out for everyone.

So, that said... the whole premise of this post could be based on some false information. I had logged out in Shattrath, so that was obviously my starting point. I know it's been a great place for almost everyone to have their hearthstone these days since it allows you to "easily" travel between the old cities and the new. But when asking directions to Sunwell Isle on the PTR, a kind soul told me to port to Iron Forge and then fly on up to Sunwell (with the flight path already having been discovered somehow).

Now playing a mage, that isn't too big of a deal to me. I'm sure they'll have an Inn there where I can set my home, and then just port all over like I normally do. But this may be one of the first times, that I know of, where the Horde has a clear traveling advantage of Alliance. Port to Silvermoon, and a quick flight to Sunwell Isle is a heck of a lot faster than Iron Forge and flying over 6 zones. Granted, they've had the advantage with Ghostlands and ZA as well, but it seems slightly "unfair" to continue to punish the Alliance like this.

Speculation might say that as the defenses and whatnot continue, that the Aldor and Scyer mages will figure out how to open a portal out there... here's to hoping. If not... well... I guess I'll just have to play more Rock Band while I'm flying out to Sunwell. See? It's not all bad.


Shalkis said...

While it's going to be funny reading all of the whine posts about this.. I don't think that moving Sunwell was ever an option. Lore-wise, it's always been in Quel'thalas.

I mean, two of the four 40-man instances in Vanilla WoW were one flight away from Ironforge, the highest-population capital of the Alliance. It's not like Blizzard had any leeway there, right? Blackrock Spire has always been between Stormwind and Ironforge.. oh, wait..

Logan said...

Hah! Finally convenient Horde flight points! I definitely feel for you, as we've been dealing with the nightmare that is trying to get to Kara in any kind of reasonable time from a Horde capital city. It requires either a zeppelin flight followed by a mount ride through 3 zones (one of which is alliance territory), or a flight from UC to swamp of sorrows (can we say 10 minutes of being alt-tabbed while in the air?) followed by a mount ride through two zones. Yech. :-/

Leiandra said...

I'm certainly not suggesting that they move Sunwell. I'm okay with where it is. And I eluded to (or at least meant to) the fact that Horde had gotten the shaft pre-BC for all of Blackrock Mountain and the 4 (or 5 if you break up BRS) instances there. If you've been around that long, at one point there wasn't a fp at Thorium Pointe, but I digressed.

I guess I would just hope that with the Aldor and Scyer working together, they could figure out a way to open a port to Sunwell Isle so that everyone could get the time savings.

That said, it could also be a ploy to get some of the lesser used cities some more traffic. I would imagine that Silvermoon would be the most empty city of the Horde. Probably a toss-up for Alliance between Darnasus and Exodar.

Logan said...

Perhaps they could develop a quest chain to get a trinket that ports you to the gates of Sunwell... similar to the one you get for BT after downing Illidan?

Gogo test realm forums!

Leiandra said...

Come on, logan. Don't you have a [Atiesh, Greatstaff of the Guardian]? Oh yeah... I guess I don't either.

Logan said...

It's on my "to do" list, after getting my Hyjal Vials, finishing my BT attunement, killing Illidan, getting my epic flyer, leveling my alt the rest of the way to 70, getting him Kara-attuned, finding him a guild... ah, screw it... I'll just keep hoofing it to Kara. :-/