Thursday, July 30, 2009

Hit Cap: Fast Track

Like most casters, it's important for a dps shaman to get spell hit capped. It doesn't matter if you're enhancement or elemental, you still need to not miss with your spells. For Enhancement Dranei shaman, the magic number is 420 (that's 16% hit against a level 83 boss).

One of the reasons my dps was so poor the other night was that my spell hit was so low. (The other reason was because of my horrible weapons, which I'm working on, but that's really a whole other post.) So if the magic number is 420, I was sitting at 143. That means that aproximately 10.65% of the time, I missed with my spells. Ugh.

So, I figured that I'd work towards getting closer to that number. Little did I realize that 2 days later, I'd be hit capped.

Now, I get to cheat a lot as a Jewelcrafter. I get to create a Figurine - Twilight Serpent and throw in 2 Rigid Dragon's Eyes to get an instant 96 Hit rating. The Ring of Scarlet Shadows with a +16 hit gem in it produces another 54 spell hit. Throw in a belt buckle and another Dragon's eye gem for 27 more. Then add some Dragonstompers for another 26 to make a total of 362 hit.

Wow! And I didn't even set foot into a single instance for those upgrades. BUT... that still doesn't get me to 420. I'm still about 58 short. So, I'll still miss about 2.23% of the time.

So, what does one do? He recommits his wife to run instances with him (3% hit from Misery) and then I'm actually 20 spell hit over cap. I guess I can change one of the gems to an expertise gem.

And THAT, my friends, is how you get hit capped. lol.


Whats my main Again? said...

You are talking about enhancement right? Because elemental has talents to increase your chance to hit by 3% which means as a dreanei you only need 13%. I still try to run with a shadow priest because it means I can swap gear around and only need 10%.

I used the same trinket shortly after hitting 80 with the 2 jc hit rating gems to get to the hit cap... but you want to try and make that up with gear as fast as possible because those gems make much better use as red gems.

Whats my main Again? said...

Oh also you can throw weapon chains on your weapons to give you an additional 26 hit I think? Its somewhere around there.

Whats my main Again? said...

Last one I promise.... You mentioned before that you were running heroics. The heroic hit cap is much lower then that needed for Raid bosses (though i'm not sure of the exact number off the top of my head) you will probably find you are hit capped for heroics just as you are now.

Also remember that your chance to miss with your offhand weapon is much higher then your mainhand. Somewhere around 25% I believe.

Leiandra said...

It's 28.  And I'll be honest, I didn't know those existed.  lol.  And yes, I knew that Elemental had talents in that, I just worded my sentance wrong.  Lemme edit it for accuracy.  :)

But is the chain going to be better than Beserking?  From what I read, that's like the end all be all of weapon enchants.

Leiandra said...

I believe that most heroic bosses are level 82, so that would mean 94% base hit instead of 83%.  Which would mean 156 for heroics.  Or for a Dranei, 130.  Dang!  I guess I can't blame my bad DPS on that. 

But I need it for my off hand.  Yeah, that's it.  :)

Whats my main Again? said...

Beserking is most certainly the better enchant but considering you are using blue weapons atm it really isn't worth the material cost. Even iLVL 200 gear I wouldn't spend the money to put beserking on and if you are low on hit... the weapon chain would produce more dps by getting you hit capped.

Leiandra said...

I probably would have agreed with you when I was raiding / doing dungeon crawls every night.  But with the amount of dailies I now do consistently (generally just the tournament ones), and way less repair bills... money isn't as important to me.  That said, I'm probably not enchanting Beserking because this is my off spec.  But I do believe that you should do as much as you can to "catch up" with people that are better geared.  If that means that you have to drop a bit of cash to do it, then so be it.

Whats my main Again? said...

Well with money not being an issue really there is a very easy upgrade to buy which is the titansteel bonecrusher. It is a slow main hand weapon which makes it ideal for Enhance shamans. Offhand there isn't really any boe upgrades that are ideal. Mostly daggers with high attack speed... which especially for an offhand... isn't what you are looking for. Still they would be better then the blue items you are sporting.

Enhance is my shamans offspec atm (main elemental) and i'm stuck using a dagger for my main hand but have a nice offhand fist weapon... I have to admit I've been slack on enchanting them. I only really mess around farming as enhancement... since my enhance dps is around 2k vs my elemental 4k I feel guilty joining groups as anything but elemental.