Friday, July 31, 2009

Preparing for 3.2

I know I've read this over the past couple days, but darned if I can't find the reference now. But I'm gonna press forward and tell everybody what to do anyway. lol.

For those that have paid attention to the PTR or the patch notes or any Wow reporting site lately, you'll know that there's a new patch coming out, probably soon, and in that patch, among other things, there will be a new 5-man instance called Trial of the Champion.

This instance will drop a ton of purples on both normal and heroic modes. From my understanding (and again, not even having transferred a single toon over to the PTR this time), there are 3 events that drop one purple each. The first event starts out with jousting, so you may want to brush up on your skills there. Normal mode drops ilvl 200 and Heroic is ilvl 213.

Also on Heroic, each encounter awards you with a Champion's Seal. BUT... (and this is the part I can't find a reference for) you only get the Seals if you are a champion already. So, if you haven't done anything at all, you'll need to do the 4 daily quest for 5 days so that you can be knighted by your race. (Up to you if you want to be knighted by the other 4 factions as well.) And while the Champion's Seals won't buy you Tier 9 gear, they may provide some upgrades, or at the very least a pet you can sell on the AH. :)

So... if you've done nothing for the Tournament, you need to start today. You'll complete you're 5th set of dailies on Tuesday and then you can go do the Trial of Champion and get your Seals. Then again, that's assumming that 3.2 is going live on Tuesday. And being that they haven't closed the PTR yet, I'm guessing you probably have at least another week. But don't procrastinate too long.


Chawa said...

Thank you so very much for that desparately needed bit of information about being a Champion to get Champion Seals.  I've been wondering that myself and had failed to find any information on it. 

Whats my main Again? said...

Bleh I haven't done a single quest in icecrown on my shaman but have done the tournament on 3 other of my 80's... I really don't want to have to do it all again for the rest...

I'm seriously considering not bothering with it at all since there isn't any gear that my shaman could use out of either and I only have one character who would really benefit from having the chest... which I can just buy with badges anyway.

Leiandra said...

Don't think of it in terms of gear.  Think of it in terms of earning potential.  Seriously... those pets still sell really well.  So, if you ever think you're going to run the heroic version with your shaman, you should probably do the quests.

My Shaman has only done the quests towards Champion in Icecrown.  And even those, I'm only 3 days in.