Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Project Chicken Coop: Complete

Okay, here's a warning up front: this post has absolutely nothing to do with Wow. It's completely personal, and it may bore most of you to death. That said, it is my blog, and so I'm gonna post about it.

For those of you that know me, you probably know that we decided that our family just wasn't a dog and/or cat family, so somehow we settled on buying chickens. For quite some time, I've been working on completing the coop for the chickens so they could eventually live outside in it. When I was mostly done with the coop (thanks to much help from my father-in-law), we purchased the 4 chicks at the beginning of June. My wife blogged about it here.

Then I've been working on the chicken run (think dog run, but for chickens). With trips to Legoland and other life things that have gone on (not to mention the demotivator of the heat), it's take me a bit of time, but the run is finally finished as well. (See completion post here.)

I've never been much into building things, more of a computer programmer-type guy. So, I'm really proud of what I've been able to pull off, with a good bit of help from my father-in-law and a friend/neighbor. So for anyone still wondering: No, we don't live in the "country". And yes, chickens are legal where we live. We can have up to 6. We have 4. And somewhere between another 2 to 4 months, we should start having fresh eggs.

Now back to our regularly scheduled Wow blogging.


Elinor said...

All this time when you were talking about a chicken coop, I was thinking about a little cage.  That thing is a chicken "mansion".  LOL

Nice work.

Whats my main Again? said...

Ugh my old job working for the local county Mosquito Control... we raised chickens to test for bird flu and had about 40 chickens that we raised from chicks each year.  They start out so cute... then they grow up!

Had to rebuild the main coup and the test pens after the Hurricanes a few years ago which was actually a little fun so I can relate to that:P

The main coup had to be 100% covered with mosquito nets and even then we had issues with Racoons breaking in and eating the chicken feed. Our pens were prone to the chickens feet being eaten off by alligators, bobcats, and sometimes racoons.

Leiandra said...

Hmm... yeah.  Glad I'm only dealing with 4.  And I don't have to worry about mosquitos, bobcats, and all those others (expecially not alligators).  But at least somebody could relate on some level.  :)

Anonymous said...

Yeah Chickens are out pets of choice as well... ours get free roaming rights of our suburban house... which only becomes an issue when the realise that my wife's tasty garden is also tasty for chickens.

The last couple we got are more like parrots... like to perch on my shoulder etc... completely kid friendly...

best pets ever!