Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Making a Difference

I've told a number of my friends how much I've enjoyed playing my shaman. Heck, I think I've mentioned it here in this blog as well. I obviously really enjoy playing Wow. And I really enjoy playing the game with others, hence why MMO's in general have such a big appeal to me. But the thing that's really appealing to me lately is being able to make such a substantial difference as a healer.

Now, by that last sentence, I am not professing to be some uber healer. I have mostly blue gear. I probably overheal a ton. But I enjoy doing it.

Last Saturday night, we ventured in to Ulduar. We took down Flame Leviathan pretty easily, but that's really not role or class specific. You could walk in there with 10 mages and still down it pretty easily. What we were lacking for the next fight (Deconstructor) was a healer. We had 2, and with our group, we knew it would be a challenge. I kept volunteering to grab my shaman (I was on my mage), but the raid leader wanted me on my mage. (He knows how blue my gear is on my shaman, maybe he really didn't think I could help out, who knows. lol.) After a couple of wipes on Deconstructor, I grabbed my shaman. We had one wipe after that, but it was more of a communication error, and then we took him down easily. Also Razorscale went down easily with me helping to heal.

So, after the struggles we were having with only 2 healers, I knew it was me healing that made the difference. (Again, I'm not trying to take credit from the other 2 healers, I'm sure they did a much better job than I did.) It was the difference between a night of wipes and downing just 1 boss, and success with the short amount of time we had and downing 3 bosses.

And I guess that's also why I like PvE. In PvP, there's a winner and a loser. While you don't know your opponent, there's still a human controling that toon. With PvE, it's a bunch of friends playing against a computer. So all human partipants win with the boss dies. Partly the same reason I like games like Rock Band and Guitar Heroes, and sports games where you can play against a challenging computer opponent with your friends.

At any rate, healing a group has been a lot of fun, and I hope to do it a lot more in the future.

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