Thursday, July 2, 2009

Healing Through: The PvP Edition

In my attempt to gear up Zanderfin, my resto druid, a bit faster, I've resorted to looking at some PvP gear choices. The thing is: it's not going so well. I find that I feel like the Black Knight after his arms have been cut off. I still try to do something, but it feels rather ineffective. With Earth Shield still up and Riptide cast every chance I get, I'm still just prolonging the inevitable when I'm the only one left guarding a point in AB.

Honestly, I really don't know what to do as Resto besides heal. As a mage, pvp was so much easier when I had a pocket healer. It certainly makes sense that I need to have the same as a healer. But I'm finding that Pug pvp is probably as frustrating as Pug groups. People running all over the place and no organization... It's just frustrating. I guess the only thing that makes it slightly less annyoing that running instances with a Pug is that it usually doesn't last as long.

So, I'm really looking for suggestions here. If I can't get anyone to stick by me, what do I do? I'm thinking the best thing may be simply to start Resto ('cause that's what I want to do), but if nobody will stick by me or leaves me in the dust, whatever... I should use my dual spec and go back to Enhancement. Sure the gear's not quite as good, but may seem to make more sense.



Alerexis said...

Instead of looking for someone to stick by you, you need to look for someone that you want to stick by.  Sure, maybe they're running from flag to flag, but if you run with them, you can keep them alive and you can work towards some of the objectives.

I play a ret pally, and sometimes in a bg, I'll pick a rogue or dk to stick by.  Double dps attacking a flag is fun.

Leiandra said...

Maybe I should have explained a bit more; I just ran out of time before a meeting, so I hit post and walked away.  :P  There's certain times where I know it's the wrong thing to do to move.

For example: I was following this druid in AB.  We had just taken control of our 4th point (BS).  And he runs off to "attack" Farm.  He's the only one going for farm where the entire horde raid has been guarding or has just spawned there.  I got things like that a lot.

That help clear things up a bit?

Jimbo said...

If you are looking to win AB, look for the person with the most kills on your team and follow them. Usually the less squishy the better, so find a ret pally, warrior or feral druid.

Since you are an AOE healer just follow the largest group that's either at a flag or going to one in AB.

If all you are doing is looking to gear up, then pay your kids to move the mouse and hit keys while you go afk and get honor/badges.