Tuesday, February 24, 2009

PTR 3.1 Mages

This isn't a Neft Bat as much as an anti-climatic bat.

So sure... lots of things can change by the time they actually release patch 3.1 on the Live Realms, I understand that. And from everything I've read, it certainly sounds like they're a long way off. Lots of testing will happen on the PTR, and it doesn't even sound like they're done with Uldar, so plenty of time.

But I'm having a hard time with a couple of changes so far. Or rather, the lack thereof. In case you haven't followed: I play a mage. Sure, I have a few alts, but my time /played on my mage far outweighs probably all other toons combined. And I imagine it will continue to be that way.

First off: most people will be very excited about the dual spec thing. As a mage, I could really care less. Sure, it sounded neat. I figured I could have a pvp spec for those rare times when I actually go pvp, but it really wasn't a necessity. I actually figured it would be more beneficial for my wife's priest when we need her to heal something. But for 1000g? Seems a bit much. I know, I know... it's optional, but still. Per Armory, I've respec'ed twice. I'd have to respec 23 more times before it would have been cheaper to simply pay for the dual specs. I know some people will be happy about it, and they'll be able to change more without having to worry about the money, but still... hunters, warlocks, rogues, mages... Is it really that big of a deal for them?

Next, glancing at the changes for all the classes... it's essentially a 14-page document. (See MMO-Champion) Most classes got over 2 and a half pages (paladins got like 4). Mages and Warriors combined got 1. Furthermore, out of our 6 items listed, 3 of them are expected changes increasing talent and Mage Armor mana regen which is to be expected, 1 gives us another useless polymorph, 1 pretty much turns us into Shadow Priests, and Burnout gets nerfed to only be fire spells now (previously all spells). Warriors really aren't all that much better (go click on the link, this isn't a warrior blog).

Now this can really be taken a couple of different ways. One way is that Mages and Warriors have been working as intended, and they really didn't need to tweak things they way they are for other classes. Another is that they simply didn't have time for the Warriors and Mages... at least not yet. And another.... ah, what do I really care about the reasons? They didn't really promise anything for us to begin with, and at least the Warriors now have dual spec.

Frost Mages are more raid viable because they can keep up Replenishment. That's it?!? That's all you got? The new Glyph of Ice Lance gives 4 times the damage against frozen targets (any boss that you know of that isn't immune to being frozen?)

And wasn't there supposed to be something about Spirit being more attractive to Mages?

Well, at least we have a new raid instance to romp around in. On the positive side... the Burnout "nerf" really wasn't that bad at all.


Anonymous said...

Glyph of Ice Lance is a huge buff because of Fingers of Frost. You are aware of this talent right?

Leiandra said...

Yep, well aware of it. You are aware of the concept of Spell Coeffecients, right? (http://www.wowwiki.com/Spell_power_coefficient) Ice Lance gets 14.29% of your spell power while Empowered Frostbolt gets 91.43%. From quick calculations, that's something like 525 Spell Power for them to be equal DPS (with the 4 times against Frozen Targets). Anything higher will make Frostbolt become the clear winner. Around 1600 DPS against a Frozen Target which will almost guarantee a crit (You are aware of Shatter, right?) and the Ice Lance DPS will be about 1450 where the Frostbolt will be 2150.

Sure, it's a nice burst damage for on the move. Will help increase damage in pvp. But from my calculations, it's looking like you wouldn't want to waste time with Ice Lance for pure DPS.

Oh... I didn't even calculate having the Frostbolt Glyph! That'll make it even worse against the Ice Lance.

Leiandra said...

Alright... I'll look at this some more. I just saw a post over at Frost. (http://frostisthenewblack.wordpress.com/2009/02/24/ice-lance-revisite/) But something just seems really, really wrong with his numbers.

Honors Code said...

When I respec this week for Malygos10 (it's the other tanks turn to tank it), that will be respec #23 and the next night when I got back to Prot to tank Naxx it'll be respec #24.

I LOVE the idea of Dual Specs.