Tuesday, March 3, 2009

DoT'ing for Fun (Living Bomb)

This may sound kind of funny, but I actually enjoy Living Bomb. And as you can probably guess, I enjoy it because it's a DoT. What does that mean exactly? Well... the basic basic is that it is a Damage Over Time spell. It's also an insta-cast spell; that means I can cast it while running. It's also a non-directional spell: I don't have to be facing my target to cast it. It provides a fair amount of DPS with even an AoE component if the target survives for 12 seconds. Heck! You can read the description. If you're following this blog, you probably know all this stuff already.

But, what makes it fun (or DoT's in general) is that I can help somebody out as I'm running by their target to hit my own.

Story time: Last night, I was questing in Sholozar Basin. (Getting the house back together after getting the kids down took a bit longer than normal; therfore, I was late to the raid and they filled my spot. Understandable.) Well, we're doing the quests where you have to kill basically everything in sight. So, my "independent" wife is killing one thing while I'm focusing on another. There wasn't really anyone around fighting for kills, but I still took it upon myself to tag as much as possible as fast as possible so that nobody would steal anything. Living Bomb her target while persuing the next one... and I don't even have to be facing my target! See? It's really the simple things in life that make me happy.

Yes, yes... I'm very well aware there's a whole class that's practically built around this concept of DoTs. And one of the staples of the shadow priest is also a DoT. But having a DoT on a mage after all this time of non-DoTs... well... it's just fun. :)

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Anonymous said...

I hear you... I replaced my wand button with Living Bomb.. will I ever need my wand again... who cares... I got living bomb...

Still, I don't remember to use it nearly enough, and I am always so busy destroying the target that I don't get the joy of the finale...