Tuesday, February 17, 2009

The Not-So-Solo Player

I've pretty much leveled with my wife through her entire Wow career. She leveled with my hunter until around mid-30’s and she no longer felt needed because I could heal, tank, and dps. So, we moved on to me leveling my shaman with her priest through level 70 and the instances we did together. She did most of Howling Ford by herself once Wotlk came out, but then the rest of the quests have been done with my mage.

She’s probably about 79.75 currently. I’ve finished all of the quests in every Northrend zone except for Icecrown (about 50%) and Sholazar Basin (completed 11 quests). I completed Dragonblight without her, and I suggested she go back and do those quests while I was raiding, but she just doesn’t enjoy playing by herself.

So, at this point, she’d either have to catch up with me and do some 80 quests in Icecrown (which due to phasing, I’d probably not be able to help her with most of the quests), have me help her with Dragonblight quests (reduced xp due to non-80 quests), or catch up with the 11 quests in Sholazar Basin (again, reduced xp). She wasn’t really excited about any of those options.

She’ll be out for a few hours tonight, so I figured I could start on the Icecrown quests and maybe even get her to 80 in the process. Of course, I wouldn’t do it; that would be against the EULA. I’d have one of the kids do it. :D

I was a little surprised at her response to my plan: “No way! Anadori’s my toon. You don’t get to play her. It’s like I did all the hard work, and now you want to take credit to get her to 80. Nuh-uh.”

When I explained the conundrum we’re now in, she agreed to do some solo’ing and hit level 80 while I raided. Honestly, I thought she’d be happy to hit 80 and be able to get in to instances (heroics) easier. Boy, how wrong was I?

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Anonymous said...

heh, certain aspects of the game mean more to some than others :)

I came back to WoW originally just to play with my bf - I really didn't want to play if he wasn't around. It just wasn't fun for me.

I'm back in the swing of things though and have my own 80 and then some's to contend with.

She might eventually head out on her own :)