Wednesday, October 28, 2009

11% Drop Rate

My lack of blogging lately has mostly been due to being busy during my normal blogging hours, but also because I didn't want to turn this blog into a huge rant-fest. Well... I now have the time, and I'm going to turn this into a rant-fest.

11% Drop Rate. That's the chance that a Tooth Pick will drop from the Treat Bag. You need the Tooth Pick in order to get the achievement for That Sparkling Smile. You need that achievement in order to get the Hallowed Be Thy Name achievement. You need that achievement in order to get the What A Long Strange Trip It's Been achievement. And finally, you need that achievement in order to get the Violet Proto-Drake.

Now, for those that have been living under a rock (or simply haven't been logging in lately), you get the Treat Bags from Trick or Treating the Innkeepers during Hallow's End. Once per hour, you can Trick or Treat. They'll either give you one of those Treat Bags or you get tricked (changing you into a random critter that can't cast for about 20 seconds). So, the chance of actually getting the Tooth Pick is actually less than 11%. I don't have any data, but I'll take a stab in the dark and say 10%.

Unless you're toon's name happens to be Zanderfin. In that case, the chance of getting tricked is about 50%. And when you do get a Treat Bag, the Drop Rate of the Tooth Pick is probably closer to 0.02%. Again, no hard data to back up my guesses, but that's just my gut feeling. Who knows, maybe they even removed it from the loot table of the Treat Bag if your name is Zanderfin.

So, I've been logging in before work (5 am) and then as soon as I can in the evening to get in as many attempts as possible. I'm almost "Hallowed", execpt for the Tooth Pick. Oh how I despise the Tooth Pick. And all the Innkeepers are just as guilty. It's like one of those kind, old ladies on your block that gives out full, king-sized Snicker bars to all the other kids, but to you, she gives you a nice, shiny Penny. (Side Note: That bag is the same drop rate, and I've seen that at least 5 times.) You'd better be careful, nice, old lady. You give me enough pennies and I'm gonnna come around swinging that bag full of pennies. Now that will hurt. *smack!!* Take that you old hag Innkeeper!!!

Grrr... I still have 4 days. It could still happen.


Elinor said...

I feel your pain. I'm not sure, but you might be able to get toothpicks from the daily quest of putting out the fires.

I hate these random drop rate stuff for achievements. The only thing that measures is how lucky you are.

Jimbogun said...


I had a good laugh at your post. While I do hope you get it, I am enjoying seeing you struggle. Makes me feel special that I am "Hallowed". /e picks his teeth with an extra Tooth Pick. ;)


You mean like Needy

and Greedy

Yeah random drop stuff is a pain but is a part of a lot of achievements. Maybe they should create a subset of achievements called luck-chievements.

Then again, a lot of achievements could be put in there, like Epic
because it's probably gunna be achieved through random drops and if your stuff never drops... (I guess you can buy it with emblems now.)

Most of the random drop achievements either measure luck or perseverance. Taken over a long period of many achievements, it becomes mostly perseverance.

Shawndra said...

Your chance at a drop of toothpicks might be 11%. Mine, on the other hand, has been close to 50%. Of course, this is because I only need the silly pet! My priest got her title last year, so I thought I might dust off my warrior for this year.

The pet eludes me.

needle*spool said...

Im in the same boat with you!
Ive been a frog a million times and saw at least 10 penny pouches this year, but no toothpick!
Its a conspiracy I tell you!
Id have the stupid title if not for this one achievement.
Jadyx - Suramar Server