Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Disenchanting in 3.3

So, I was riled up and ready to rant about the whole Disenchanting in 3.3. It appeared that any group, even one without an enchanter, could disenchant items dropped in a raid or dungeon. I was prepared to explain how it even further invalidates the Enchanting profession, how it was a horrible decision, and even on my non-enchanter I understand that I may not get shards.

Then Blizzard clarified that this option will only come up if there's an enchanter in the group with the high enough skill to disenchant the item.

Oh. Okay. I guess that totally invalidates my post now.

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Fulguralis said...

Ha ha. Funny and agreed. Was totally gonna be pissed as well.

Now I guess I'll just roll on everything since I want freakin' mats. I remember the good old days when people used to like, give the enchanter mats and the enchanter used to like, enchant things. I'm not sure what it is that I do now.