Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Hallow's End: Sounds Like Rear End

For whatever reason, I have the holiday bug. I just feel like I actually want to eventually get the Long Strange Trip Achievement. Brewfest wasn't bad. And the trinkets were useful (save me a few emblems here and there). But then we came to October and Hallow's End.

Just like Coren from Brewfest, the Headless Horseman in Scrarlet Monastery is a pushover. If you stay out of the way of the whirlwind when the head is away from the body, your group will take little to no damage. So, you need 1 tank and 4 dps. Each time he dies, you get a ring which is ilvl 200 and epic. They're decent rings. And for what it takes to kill him, they're actually great rings.

But the issue with this meta achievement is two fold, namely: Sinister Calling and That Sparkling Smile. The smile one isn't too terribly bad, I just don't seem to have the luck doing it. Every hour, you go trick or treating at one of the Inn Keepers and there's an 11% chance that you'll get a Tooth Pick. Use it, and that achievement is done. However, there's also an 89% chance that you won't get it. And I seem to get that, every single time I get the Treat Bag.

So, if that isn't frustrating, you then have to go kill the Headless Horseman. Just like Coren Direbrew, each person can summon him. So, in a typical 5-man group, you can summon him 5 times. If you have people bringing in their alts, you can have even more chances. From him, you need to get a Sinister Squashling and the Hallowed Helm. 7% chance drop rate for each of those. And if it does drop, you may be fighting 4 other people, so your chance could now be as bad as 1.4%. Now, both of these items will also drop from the Treat Bag, with a 1.3% chance drop rate.

Call me a pessimist, but those numbers are awfully low. And by laws of statistics, each chance you take at getting those drops, you still have a 1.4% and 1.3% chance. (Well... 7% if you're the only one that needs it.) That just sucks. You have to rely on 3 random drops in order to get your achievement. One of my buddies tried and tried to do it last year, but never got the squashling, so he had to wait until this year to finish the meta achievement.

The one thing they have done is that there's The Horseman's Reins. So, you could pretty easily be in a group with 4 people that are only going for the mount and not the achievement items. And that one? Oh yeah... it's a huge 0.4% drop rate. At least Coren with his Ram and Kodo had a 3.3% chance to drop one of the mounts.

So yes, for the record: I am not a fan of Hallow's End. I've been fortunate enough to get the two achievement drops from Headless Horseman, but have yet to get the Tooth Pick. But still... not a fan.


weenie said...

Funny - I did the Brewfest boss and never saw Ram nor Kodo drop.

Against the HH, I've seen the Reins drop twice. Won them the first time! Good luck with getting the tooth pick.

Suzanne said...

I never saw the ram or kodo this year either, though I confess I was less diligent about getting in there daily. Same with the HH. At least you don't need the mounts for the titles.

The fight for the squashling and helm might not be too bad if folks have them from last year. I believe you can also get them from trick or treating, if I'm not mistaken. Not sure what the drop rate is there, but I think that's how I got the helm last year.

I both love and hate achievements, hehe...

What's my main Again? said...

Took me about 25 trick or treats to get the stupid tooth pick. I've been farming HH with a group trying to get the hallowed achievement for all 4 of us. One of our rogues needs the hat... we have ran HH over 60 times now and he still hasn't gotten it :(

Jimbogun said...

Last night we did 6 HHs and saw 3 pets drop and 3 hats. Go figure.

Elkagorasa said...

Good luck!

Your best chances are going to happen when you find yourself a lock and a group specifically farming the mount. I ran HH about 15 times last night and saw the pet and helm drop at the same time. As the lock, I had the duty of summoning all the alts.

Of the 4 days x 15 attempts, I've only seen one mount so far.