Friday, September 18, 2009

Time for: Stump the Raid Leader

As I've mentioned numerous times, our guild now takes things a bit slower. Sure, you'll find a small band of us running heroics on most nights, but as for raid content, we generally only raid 1 or 2 nights per week. And with the recent change and us able to carry over our raid ID's from week to week, it's been our new goal to go in and see new (to us) content.

Before the raid lock extension was made available, as a guild we'd get in and take down Flame Leviathan (with as many as 2 towers up), Deconstructor, Ignis, Razorscale, and Kologarn. That's pretty much where we were in progression. And with a couple of hours per night, it would sometimes be Flame Leviathan and Deconstructor one night, and then Kologarn and attempts at Iron Council the other night.

But 2 weeks ago, we decided to start carrying over the Raid ID. And due to RL conflicts with some people, we were only able to raid 1 night per week. So... Flame Leviathan and Deconstructor one night. Kologarn and attempts at Iron Council the next week.

Now we're at this week. A couple of attempts at Iron Council, and we beat it. Woot! My first time. Then one attempt at Auriaya, and she's dead. Woot! First time for most of our guild.

And... and... that was it. I had been leading the raids along with another guy. Neither one of us had been further. Sure we could have looked it up on Wowhead or Bosskillers really quick, but I guess we get to spend time on it next week. It was just one of those moments... one of those realizations that YES! we killed the bosses, but NO! I have no idea what to do next. lol

Have a great weekend everyone. I've got a couple posts in the hopper, so see you next week.


Kadomi said...

It's awesome to see another Bronzebeard blogger, there aren't that many of us. And here I always thought you guys weren't quite that casual.

Will add your blog to my reader, and grats on the progress in Ulduar. We're currently 12/13 thanks to being able to extend the raid ID as well.

Leiandra said...

Umm... long story short: we weren't casual (hence the quotes in the blog name) but now we are. :)

And I guess between the two of us, we have Bronzebeard covered. You just take the Horde side, and I'll take the Alliance. lol.