Thursday, September 17, 2009

Leiandra on Twisted Nether Blogcast

So, the last couple of weeks has kind of hit me hard here at work. But that's only part of my excuse as to why I haven't posted much. The majority of the reason is the following: I've been asked to be a guest on Twisted Nether Blogcast on 10/1/09.

Why does this make me want to post less? I have no idea. In my mind, I think I'm worried that if I post too much, that I'll run out of things to say on the Blogcast. I have no problem talking about Wow and theorycrafting with my friends for hours on end, but there's all of a sudden this pressure because it's recorded. Yes, I know... completely silly, especially since it's still 2 weeks away. I promise I'll repent. But yeah... my first Blogcast. Woot! (Oh, and don't tell Nibuca. lol.) Yep... I'm that big of a dork.

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