Tuesday, September 29, 2009

The Loremaster

In case any of you aren't aware, Loremaster is the title you get for completed a ton of quests. To be specific, you have to do 2,843 quests. That's 700 in Kalimdor, 700 in Eastern Kingdoms, 528 in Outlands, and then 875 in Northrend. That's a lot of quests. I've been playing Leiandra for years, and granted, I've taken a lot of time to raid, but I'm sitting at 2,280 quests. Just under 600 shy. Yeah... I don't think I'll ever bring myself to do the 300 or so that I need in Kalimdor.

But on Saturday, I went to go help out my best friend to finish the last few group quests he needed in Icecrown to get this achievement done. His brother also came along, and the 3 of us busted out these last few quests. So, we had my shaman (healing), a warrior, and a hunter. The annoying part was that I couldn't help with all of the quests. Since Zanderfin has done roughly 35 quests in Icecrown, I had very little phased. So, the more difficult places where they needed a healer, I couldn't help them out. But he had enough other quests done where we could complete the achievement. Cool, right? I mean, you get this cool title... and then... well... you get the following tabard:

Umm... okay. I mean, I guess it makes sense. But let's look at the letter you get:
From: Tyrande Whisperwind
Subject: Greetings from Darnassus

Your accomplishments have been profound and far-reaching. Azeroth, with all of the recent turmoil, benefits greatly from those who seek to rid the land of evil.

Only those who take the time to know our lands understand the sacrifices of the fallen and the valor of our heroes. You are one such hero. Hopefully, you will recant the tales of your adventures for years to come.

On behalf of the Alliance, I thank you, Loremaster.
Okay... so, really cool title, awesome letter... and then they go and design an exclamation mark? Just seems a bit cheesy. I mean, sure... you didn't slay the biggest, badest bossess, but for "profound and far-reaching" accomplishments, you'd think they would have made something you'd want to actually wear. After doing that many quests, do you really want do see another "!"?


Elinor said...

With all the cool tabards that they have in the game, I was quite disappointed with the lack of "coolness" on this one.

bobturkey said...

Totally agree.

I got my Loremaster last week and the title is cool, the mail is nice but the tabard... tacky.

Gobble gobble.

Leiandra said...

Yeah... well... umm... Gratz to the both of you. (At least we can say that, right?)