Thursday, June 11, 2009

Picking Up Old Quest Chains

I'm very much enjoying healing 5-man content on my shaman. I'm actually looking forward to a night when we need a healer for a 10-man raid so I can try my hand out there. But I also find that there's a bit more work that I'm going to have to put in to my shaman. He's got maxed out Mining (yeah, Toughness) and I'm still working on Jewelcrafting as a kind of side project. But the immediate focus is reputations.

And if you play a healer, you probably guessed that my first faction is that of the Wyrmrest Accord. The item "need" that won't go away until next expansion is the Arcanum of Blissful Mending; there's really no other substitute for it, so I need to get Revered. The Gavel of the Brewing Storm is a pretty good upgrade for my weapon, but I really should just have a guildie make me a Titansteel Guardian.

So, I went off questing in Dragonblight, which was a zone that I kind of 1/2 skipped. These level 72 quests are pretty easy for a level 80, so I just decided to do as many as I could. But after finishing most of them, I realized that I should probably finish the ones over at Wyrmrest Temple since I knew those (and the dailies) would be Wyrmrest rep. Only problem is, the dailies weren't available to me. A quick jaunt over to Wowwiki tells me that I need to start the quest chain off of an item drop over near Stars' Rest.

Long story short, I kill the guy and can't find it. I no longer have any quests over at Stars' Rest (completeted those ages ago), and can't seem to figure out the next step. The only place I didn't check was down in the Tuskar camp, but that quest seemed optional. I'll have to check there tonight.

Anyway, the whole point is... it's a pain to pick up quest chains you stopped months ago.


Steven said...

Honestly, if memory serves, you get sent to the temple with a letter of introduction, after completeing the chains over at Star's Rest...

The only "drop" quest I remember was a one off to kill a named near the AN instance entrance... That item was acquired off the humanoids you needed to get the cloaks off of in the demolished town just north of the instance entrance...

Sorry so vague and no links but I am at work and many sites are blocked. If you have no quests at Star's rest, make sure you've done all the quests up at the top of the temple, they should unlock the 1 daily there. The other two Wyrmrest dailies are in Coldarra (the tag and retrieve a azure drake which will be low level for you, and Aces High!). All three give 250 rep.

Skarlarth and Co.

whatsmymain said...

Maybe the quest item is in your bank? Just a thought. Also the head enchant from kirin tor can be just as good. You trade mp5 for crit and as a shaman crit is still pretty important as in a round about way it also helps your mp5 by consuming water sheild.

Anonymous said...

Suggestion: get the Gnomeregan Bonechopper from Argent Tournament. It is better than the gavel.

(One thing: I am not sure shamans can use this weapon type.)

Leiandra said...

Oh... I forgot about the tag and retrieve quest. Thanks Steven. And yeah, I had looked them all up on Wowwiki and Wowhead... I knew the quests, just couldn't remember where I left off.

No, the quest item wasn't in my bank.

And no, Shaman can't use One-Handed Swords like the Gnomeregan Bonechopper. But we can use daggers like the Dagger of Lunar Purity (with doesn't waste points on silly things like hit anyway).