Friday, June 12, 2009

Finding Old Quest Chains

I mentioned yesterday my big ordeal to pick up the quest chain I had going for Wyrmcrest Accord. I jumped on my shaman last night and saw somebody advertising for the group quests. (Keep in mind these are level 72-ish quests that I just didn't get around to doing when I was about 72. I'm now 80 with the then active spec of enhancement.) So, for easy gold, I decided to help out, and actually do the quests as well.

One guy leaves our full group, so the group leader goes looking for in general chat for somebody else. "Let's just do them, I'm sure I count as 2 people," I say... in general chat. Oops. lol. But yeah, we did just fine with 3 lvl 72's and me as a lvl 80 for these 3- to 5-man quests. lol.

At any rate... once I finished those, I decided to go look for that quest chain again. I look in my quest log... "Hey, what's this quest... that's... part of... the chain I was looking for." Sigh. The quest giver for that quest was in the area just West of Wyrmcrest Temple. A place that I had flown over previously, but didn't see the question mark because I flew by too quickly. So... yeah. I found the chain.

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