Tuesday, February 10, 2009

OP PVE Racial

I've discovered that Humans are vastly over powered for PVE. At least they are as you're ramping up. It all really boils down to one, tiny racial: Diplomacy.

I never realized how powerful this racial truly was until recently. Leiandra, my human mage, has been the only toon that I have really done the rep grind with. My alts are just kind of there; never really a force to be reckoned with or anything. So, I've never experienced wanting reputation with a toon without this major buff.

10%. It may not sound like a lot, but trust me, it is. It may not sound like a lot when you gain 10 reputation killing a mob, but your human counterparts get 11. But when you get a million reputation points for completeing a quest, that 10% translates into 100 thousand.

I noticed it was such a big deal when I did the Sons of Hodir questline with my wife (a Night Elf Priest). After the initial questline, I was instantly rocketed to Friendly, where she was still Neutral. Not wanting to go too far ahead of her, I've only been doing the quests that she can, but that means that there's 2 or more quests that I'm not doing. Furthermore, because I continue to get 10% more each time, I keep pulling away from her.

Now, this certainly isn't a game breaker once you've gotten all your factions to Exhalted, but on the voyage there, it's a huge time saver. 10% means that humans have to do less dailies, less "unncessary" dungeon crawls (was way more applicable in The Burning Crusade), less grinding. If it takes 100 days to get exhalted through daily quests, for a human, it will only take 91 days. That's 9 days you can forget, or do something else. That's 9 days you can work on another reputation or... actually do something outside of wow.

I know, I know... I can see the light bulbs going on now. I can hear the masses starting to rumble the chants of "Nerf the Humans to the ground!" But that's just the way life is. It's not always fair. Next time... just role a human.


Elinor said...

What blizzard should do with this racial, is make it a group buff like the Dreanei one. So all party members get the rep buff.

Mike ... said...

The racials are all over the frickin place. Notice that humans get bonus weapon skill for maces and swords. Trolls are the only other race to get two weapon bonuses. Though throwing doesn't count and the bow specialization is completely useless to 7/10 classes. Six races don't have any weapon specialization.

Mr. V said...

As a troll shaman sure I have throwing and bow specialization but what good does that do me. I was not as knowledgeable when I created my main, if I would have been I would have gone with tauren shaman for the simple fact that I would have 3 interrupts. Well technically only 2 since you can only use one shock for every global cooldown. However I suppose that the troll's berserk skill can be quite a boon for a shaman such as myself. 10% haste FTW!

Leiandra said...

See? It's way OP for the fact that (A) it should be changed as Elinor pointed out, and (B) it's actually applicable to all the classes, so it must be OP.