Thursday, February 12, 2009

Missing Head Pieces

So, in case you haven't taken the time to map out all of your upgrades, here's a small clue for you: Unless you're an engineer or a plate wearer (see all items here), there is no way you're getting a level 80, epic helm unless you go raiding.

Wait. Wut???!!!???

That's right. For the majority of classes there are exactly zero epic helms that can be made, absolutely zero that can be found in heroics, and then only a handful in the first raid area of Naxx 10-man.

Seriously Blizzard? If you don't want helms to drop from heroics, fine. I can respect that decision. But allowing 2 professions to create them and not allowing 2 others? Finish Tailoring and Leatherworking please so we can craft our helms already.


Weezzii said...

While not specifically the topic, I think crafting professions need some additional tuning, for sure... Tailoring and LWing would be a decent place to start.

Using your topic here as a springboard, I posted my own thoughts concerning JC'ing... and linked back accordingly.

Robdamage said...

Actually they've added in a cloth epic helm as a reward for 40 Wintergrasp marks in the last patch. Even with resilience (it is a pvp helm after all) it's better (by a long shot) than the "Hat of Wintry Doom" which (as a mage) I have used up until last night.

Leiandra said...

Gosh dang it, Rob. Now I have to go do Wintergrasp. /sigh. Thanks a lot, jerk. :)

And excellent points, Weezzii.