Thursday, February 19, 2009

Another Player in the House to Run Heroics

I sat down with my wife last night to play some Wow with her. She was still about 4 bubbles away from hitting 80. We did a couple of dailies. (I forget how good those are for xp considering how easy they generally are (or become after the 50th time you've done them).) She was still about 2 bubbles away when we were about to head over to Shalatzar Basin.

The guild raid had been going on without me, but they were a couple short for Thadius, and even one body increases total raid damage by about 5%... and that's if I just stood on the correct side. (10% increase due to Polarity Shift, but only effecting 1/2 the raid, so... 5%.) And then we just had Sapp and Kel to kill, so I didn't really want to bow out.

So, somewhere in the middle of one of those three fights, my wife dinged 80. And there was much rejoicing. I think she's still pretty dang nervous about raiding. She's nervous about taking somebody else's spot that would really care about this sort of thing. She's nervous about messing up. But I think she's learned a heck of a lot more than she realizes, and she'll be a pretty great asset to our raids. Now... if we can just get her some gear.

p.s. I won the Valorous Frostfire Circlet so I now have an epic helm and 4/4 to get my set bonus. /cheer

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Darraxus said...

Hoping I can get my fiance to raid once she hits 80. That would be awesome!