Monday, December 28, 2009

"New" Calendar Wallpapers

Some people call it lazy, but I prefer to call it simplifying. If I can get all of my Wow news information from one source, or one web page, I do it. Sure there's probably stuff I miss sometimes, but overall, I get the big picture.

So, in that spirit, I stopped going to a loooong time ago. Their news of their own game was usually already out on some other site. The comics were funny, but I was generally following those artists on their own sites already. But somehow... I missed this.

Blizzard has been putting out Wallpapers for your desktop that are Wow images, and have a calendar of the month on it. Apparently they've been doing this since about April of this year, and I'm just now discovering it. On top of that, I'm generally forgetful about changing my Wallpaper, hence why (at work) I've had the same alpha picture of Stormwind Harbor since after the NDA was lifted from a friend of mine who was lucky enough to get in to alpha.

So, there's a really fun wallpaper up for December, 2 in fact. I hope they continue this trend. I'm not sure when they release the next month's one. Hopefully they'll have January's up soon. At any rate, it may actually motivate me enough to monthly change my wallpaper. Now, if I can just figure out a way to automate that.


Elkagorasa said...


I took your blog post as a challenge and created a little script to download the latest and greatest wallpaper. I've posted it over on my personal blog. It should run on Windows XP and later without issue. My AV complained, but was able to ignore the warnings. It pulls the image down to your local machine. All you'll need to do is run the script regularly and set your background to the file it creates.

Leiandra said...

Very cool, thanks! For anyone interested, head over to his site and pick up the file. It's zipped, and if you're worried about key loggers or whatever, you can look at the code before running it.

And I'm assuming it works. I tried it here at work, and I access the outside world via a proxy, so the script couldn't find the server. But cool nonetheless.

Eric said...

Confirmed. No key loggers. I run it here myself!

If you are not familiar with VBSCript, the code reads the worldofwarcraft home page for the wallpapers link then downloads the image associated with that link. By default, it saves the file into your Windows directory.