Friday, December 4, 2009

The Wow Doldrums

So, I got called out on my lack of writing lately. And since it's completely true, I figured I should fix the situation. But truth be told, there's just not a lot to write about lately. So, I really feel like I'm in the Doldrums for Wow.

I've seen and conquered all the fights in 10-man ToC. There's still Ulduar to finish off, but people aren't as interested to do that with ToC gear out. I started building my tanking set for my Shaman, but it requires way too much pvp, and I could never get that dang stamina trinket to drop out of normal 5-man Toc. So, I've been slowly working on my druid... just to have a tank for kicks, but he's still about 11 level away from tanking anything at level 80.

On top of that, work being slightly engaging lately... and Ikariam taking up time. (heh... yep.)

So... yeah... but I have been working on a post. I'll see what I can do to finish it up and get it out today... maybe. :)


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Took me 28 runs to get that trinket....