Friday, July 16, 2010

Breaking 3k GS with 10-man Content - Resto Shaman

I'm sure most of the raiding community that reads this post will roll their eyes; but nonetheless, it's an accomplishment for me. I FINALLY broke 3k gear score on wow-heroes on my resto Shaman.

Now a lot of the delay has been from my laziness to regularly run my daily random dungeon. I've been pretty good about running the weekly raid quest, but haven't always. And then there's the fact that there just aren't a lot of options out there for a Resto Shaman on gear if you're only running 10-man content. Couple that with the fact that I was hesitant to lose my Tier-9 2-piece set bonus until I could buy two Tier-10 items to kind of catapult to that set bonus.

One of the issues is with the shield. See, we haven't quite gotten to Sindragosa, yet so haven't been able to have the shield drop there. And I've only killed Lord Marrowgar on 25-man a couple of times (I just don't enjoy the waiting around for 25-man raids anymore), so haven't seen that shield drop either.

But two nights ago, I finally bought my last 2 pieces of Tier-10 to drop my Tier-9 set bonus and now have the 4-piece bonus from Tier 10. None of my friends that are enchanters were on when I bought it, so I didn't enchant anything. I cut the gems I knew and fitted those. I still had one empty gem slot. When I logged out and checked, I was at 2999 Gear Score! No joke. I should have taken a screen shot. lol. So, last night when I got the 2 enchants, gem, and even slightly upgraded a ring, I finally broke 3k. I'm now at 3046.

Does it make my healing that much more stellar? No. Do I really feel more powerful? Nope. It's just an arbitrary number that somehow made me feel good.