Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Lovely Charms for Healers

I was again lamenting last night at the fact that while I was keeping everyone alive in a random heroic, I wasn't getting any Lovely Charms as everyone else was. I even tried to get in the killing blows with a last-second shock spell to increase my chances, but it had very little effect. But then one of my guildies told me that we could collect them in Ulduar. So, 4 of us traipsed off to Ulduar to jump in some vehicles, kill a bunch of trash mobs and collect Lovely Charms.

If you don't kill the towers, the guys keep pouring out and you can kill until your bags are full. It's incredibly easy. I got the 120 that I needed for for Charming. And technically speaking, that should be all the Lovely Charms / Love Tokens that you need. You'll need 4 of those Lovely Charm Braclets to turn in to the 4 different faction leaders for Nation of Adoration. That will net you 20 Love Tokens. With those, you can buy a Lovely Dress Box for Lovely Luck Is On Your Side.

And technically speaking, that's all the Love Tokens you need. All of the other items can be bought off the AH, or borrowed from a friend. So all my complaining about missing my Aoe spells really wasn't necessary.

On a side note: we 4-manned Flame Leviathon. Shouldn't that be an achievement or something?


Anonymous said...

In addition to Ulduar, I've also heard recommendations to do other vehicle-based fights:
- the sky fighter / bombing quests at the "infra-green" stations in Icecrown
- or the "battle before the citadel" jousting quest. Mount on a horse, ride over skeletons to kill them, kill as many skeletons as you need.

Eversor said...

Have not done ulduar. Can one person go in, get in vehicle and kill or do you need a group?

Leiandra said...

You'll need somebody else to form the raid, but you can do it alone. One trick is, form a raid with a buddy on an alt. Hand lead to your buddy, then log off. Have him invite and promote your main and now you're in a raid with your offline alt and your buddy can leave to go do whatever he feels like.

Elkagorasa said...

Hmm, sounds like a fun way to farm these charms, but I've heard it's been patched out as of lat Tuesday's maintenance.

Leiandra said...

Yeah... umm... I posted on this. :)