Thursday, January 14, 2010

Web Stalking - a Whole New Level

If you haven't visited the Wow Armory recently, you should probably go check it out. There's a number of things that they've changed. First off, there's a pretty slick model viewer. You can even embed it into your own site (which I may do... eventually). For those of us that have authenticators, you no longer need to have the authenticator to log in to the armory (which you used to have to do).

And then they also added a Character Activity section. It's just... well... a bit too much information. It provides way too much information to easily stalk somebody. It tells you if they completed achievements or even part of achievements. If they looted a blue or purple item, it's on that list. If said item is currently equipped (that appears to be how it works), it will tell you that as well. It also tells when you killed a boss, and how many times that boss has been killed.

Now the boss kills is certainly information that has been on armory in the statistics for quite some time now. But it just seems to highlight even more that... I dunno.. for example, that I've only killed Loken in Heroic Halls of Lightning 4 times. Or that I've killed King Ymiron 9 times. I don't know... it just seems... too much.

It's not like a Big Brother thing. Maybe it's like an addiction thing. Like how I hate telling people my /played time. I don't even look at it myself. At one point, I had a mod that, among other things, would display my /played time when I logged in (or off, I forget which), and I'd close my eyes every time so I wouldn't see it.

And yes, I can choose not to look at it. But I don't really want people to be able to have verifiable information that I log on every day. lol. Maybe that's what it comes down to. Maybe I want my addiction to be a little more private. On the other hand, when my kids start playing, I'm sure I'll be checking this out every day.


Eric said...

Yeah, a lot of that was only stored on the server. You could look at it via your statistics page inside your achievements (IIRC).

On the other hand, I can't even get into the page currently, says "under maintenance" yet again.

Leiandra said...

IIRC, it was pretty unstable when it was first launched as well. I'm sure they're still dealing with issues on the back end, and it doesn't help that everyone wants to see it so it gives a lot of stress on their systems. lol. I'm sure it will be stable... one day. And I forgot to look: is it still in "beta"?

Eric said...

yep, still beta

Brajana said...

Embrace the addiction, Leiandra!!