Wednesday, August 5, 2009

3.2 First Impressions

I'd love to tell you how wonderful the new patch is. I'd love to tell you how much fun I had in the new instances. Oh, and I'd also love to tell you how smooth this patch was compared to all the others. Instead... the realm I play on, Bronzebeard, was one of the Emergency Maintenance realms.

I did log on to a Shaman on another server that hit 20 last night. I was 19 when I logged on, went and bought ghost wolf, and then one quest later, I hit 20. (Probably should have looked at that before flying all the way back to Exodar first. sigh. Oh well.) It was a pleasant surprise to see how the mount prices had dropped substantially. I was worried that at level 20 only alts would be able to pay the steep mount cost. I think the total cost of a mount was like 4g. Nice. And very reasonable if you manage your money.

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