Wednesday, May 30, 2007

First Weekend of Karazhan

On Friday night, we took down Attumen and Midnight on the first try. It's pretty easy, total gear check. Not a lot of strategy needed. If you have two tanks, it's your basic tank and spank. Then we skipped over Moroes and went to the Maiden. I ran the explanation on that one, and it was a bit rough. I always seem to leave out one detail. /sigh. But after about 4 or 5 tries, I think, we took her down. Then it was late enough (had to reclear once or twice) to call it for Friday. But a very successful night in our minds.

Saturday wasn't quite as successful, but still successful. After the maiden, all of us had forgotten to get the quest item near her. So we cleared some of the Moroes linked mobs (each group of mobs is linked to a boss and respawn about every 30 minutes as long as that boss is alive), and made our way back to the Maiden to get the quest item. All of us humans hit friendly giving us the first ring*. Then we pressed back to Moroes. Thellonious wasn't on, so we were using our OT and then another tank. Our "other" tank was either our MH pally (yeah go figure that out) or a PUG druid that was with us Friday night. (Amazing how many people didn't show up on Friday that had committed to be there.) So, Moroes becomes much more about the proper group composition. Moroes comes with 4 undead mobs. If you've got 2 priests and a hunter, you can very easily CC 3, tank Moroes and one of the adds, and DPS them down quick. We only had 1 priest and no hunters, so it got a lot tricker. BUT... the success came by getting Moroes down to 20%. We had switched a couple things, and I think we would have gotten him down if we would have given him one more try, but it was late, so we decided to put it off until next weekend. Thellonious got exalted with Sha'tar and therefore got a new, purple shield, so that should help a bit more as well.

Attumen: Gloves of Desterous Manipulation and, IIRC, Stalker's War Bands. We sharded the War Bands since we didn't have any hunters or shamans.
Maiden of Virtue: Bracers of Justice and, IIRC, Gloves of Centering. Again, this latter item was sharded.

*Word of caution on the ring. The guy offers you 4 quests, but you can only accept 1. Accept the right one 'cause there's no warnings. If you choose the wrong one, you can get a new ring once you hit exalted and pay 75g.

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